Family Camps

family-campEach summer, when the adults gather to dance into these deeper conversations about our work and our lives together, our children also gather. They make art. They learn about diverse cultures. They discover the wonders of the natural world. They make new friends, other children who’s parents also love to dance, many of whom come from cultures very different than their own.


small-worldDuring these Small World Dance Camps for children, the next generation of community is seeded and then nourished year after year. Young people who were a part of Small World Dancing in the late 80’s as 3-5 year olds are now in leadership in our work. Infusing the children in our families with age appropriate experiences of community life is a core activity in our work.

We birth our children together. We raise them up together. We help them navigate through the complex landscape of adolescence together. And we welcome them into adulthood together.

Growing healthy human beings is one of our community’s aspirations, both locally and around the world.



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