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Our Values

We recognize that embodied global leaders share specific principles for how we live and lead. We aim to model, educate, and to inspire our community, near and far, to join us in our aspiration to live by the following principles.


Embodiment: Living in dynamic and conscious connection with our bodies, our hearts, and our souls is a continuous path unfolding for each of us. We aim to develop and engage in practices that deepen our capacities to be body-centered learners and leaders.


Respect: Every person has a story, a gift, and a way of life that is as important as everyone else’s. In the same spirit, we remember that every living creature, including all of nature, is part of our family and we aim to behave in a way that protects our collective future. Sustainability is the result of respect in action.


Lineage: We respect and recognize that our work has emerged from the inspired initiatives of our mentors, pioneers and teachers who came before us. We thus overtly honor where we come from as we focus on where we are now and where we are going from here.


Integrity: We aspire to live in a way that is congruent with our values, always making choices that serve the whole. We aim to be morally sound and in service of truth in each of our deeds. We consistently engage in the work of tending our inner lives so that our outer deeds are congruent with our inner truths.


Authenticity: When living a soul – centered life, we aim to allow our hearts to remain open so that we show up in ways that are true to our unique natures, individually and collectively.  What we say and do is in close alignment with how our souls are uniquely calling us to manifest in this life.


Collaboration: Our initiative has grown from many diverse streams, often led by powerful individuals. As we move forward, we understand that our lives are integrally tied up in one another’s life. Working together, drawing upon the many different skills and ways we each can offer, is essential for our growth forward in to the future.


Beauty: In a world where there is so much pain and suffering, we recognize that creating as much beauty as possible, at every level, is a healing force that can help expand our collective sense of wellbeing.


Creativity: All of life is an art project. We aspire to access, explore, and express our creativity at all times in ways that are life giving. As an antidote to destruction, our lives are a dedication to Creation.


Conscious Human Development: We study and respect the different developmental needs of the human being at various phases and stages. In our work with people throughout the life cycle, we aim to serve in ways that are developmentally sensitive and appropriate.


Community: Local programs that revitalize and serve diverse individuals and peoples in varying life-stages is our our primary place of action. Honoring that we share the same earth, breath, Spirit, needs, and dreams of our neighbors, we seek ways to raise healthy human beings in our homes, on our streets, in our day to day life through all the seasons. Thus building community through dance is naturally an integral part of our work around the world.


Global Consciousness: Recognizing that our lives are interwoven with all peoples and creatures around the world, we respect that our choices impact the well being of all life on this planet. We aim to remember and nurture our interdependence as we create our lives and move into sustainable service.


Life Long Learning: Respecting that we are always on the front lines of our becoming, we remain open to life’s teachings, disciplined in our studies, and in gratitude for all of the opportunities we have to grow. Every day, we are students of life.


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