The World

“This work is a dance of consciousness rising around the globe” ~ Jeremy Roske

the-worldMoving from the personal to the collective, our work addresses the complex dynamics facing all of us alive at this time. Whether it is the subtle struggling lurking beneath the dances of black and white, man and woman, youth and elder, rich and so called poor, or Jew, Muslim, and Christian, our work aims to provide a safe environment where healing can happen and hard conversations can unfold. By unwinding charges in the collective nervous systems, by then building healthy social organisms, and by liberating the collective creative will, positive new social norms are established and woven into the fabric of our world wide community.

Together, we are always learning new pathways and practices for peacemaking in our work. As we grow our medicine bundles, our medicine chests filled with practical and applicable tools of transformation, we continue to show up as evolving embodied spiritual beings, leading and learning, honoring our unique individual and universal global identities.

To glimpse at a few of the initiatives unfolding through our community, please see SomaSource in the World.

We remain dedicated to moving within humanity’s complex interpersonal terrain with consciousness and love. We aim to be a collective force for liberation.

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