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Aligned with inspired mentors and armed with a strong foundation in their creative capacities, young people around the world are joining together to:


In response to young people’s longing for deep exploration and cultivation of themselves as creative change agents, Golden Bridge offers movement-based rites of passage experiences around the world, Surfing The Creative®.

Our work together weaves somatic resourcing, creative expression, service learning, and the natural world into a process that is both healing and awakening. It continues to catalyze life-changing experiences that invite emergence for each individual and for our ever-growing community of dedicated youth, adults, and elders.

In these times of great potential and challenge on planet Earth, humanity is being invited to rise up and live with radical authenticity, aligning inner and outer truths for the well being of all. Surfing The Creative® is a time tested pathway for the reclamation of young people’s unique and vital gifts. It is an invitation to move from addiction into action, from fragmentation into integration, from isolation into loving community.


Surfing The Creative® Youth Leadership
Rites of Passage Programs

Training in Somatic, Social & Soul-Based Arts

STC-connectionAddressing the Questions…

Who Am I?
Who Am I in Relationship to Others?
Who Am I As a Creative Being?
Who Am I As A Sexual and Intimate Being?
Who Am I as a Spiritual Being?
How Can I Make A Difference in this World

“This work, is for me, what the developer in a dark room is. It is constantly helping me realize who I am and who I am becoming, slowly bringing into focus the true colors of myself.” ~ H.S. 16 years old

Other young people speak up about their experience with Surfing The Creative®:
Pictures of the Possible Videos

~~~~~~ Please join us! ~~~~~~

Greetings Youth,

It is truly inspirational to witness and serve your courageous paths of healing and awakening. In response to your continued longing for a deeper exploration and cultivation of yourselves as creative change agents, we are offering movement-based rites of passage programs around the world. Our work together weaves creative expression, service, and the natural world into an initiatory process that catalyzes emergence for each individual and for our ever-growing community of dedicated youth and adults. In these times of great potential and challenge on the planet earth, humanity s being invited to rise up and live life with radical authenticity, aligning inner and outer truths for the well being of all.

STC-YouthSurfing the Creative® is a time-tested pathway for the reclamation and integration of your unique and vital gifts. It is a pathway for moving from addiction into action, from isolation into loving community. It is a potent step for those of you seeking to work in these indigenous and transformational ways with other youth across the globe.

This June, join our diverse team of beloved and seasoned professionals and inspired youth leaders for a moving adventure located just outside Boulder, Colorado at Sunrise Ranch (, a sacred community center nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Throughout the program, our work together will include dance, song, writing, theatre, painting, prayer, compassionate communication and other healing and expressive crafts of the soul. These ancient and enduring pathways for self-expression will provide you with lifelong tools for navigation your way home to your unique destiny.

Unity-STCDuring our time together, we will be creatively exploring the foundations of Embodiment and Heartfulness, somatically resourcing ourselves. This foundation will lead us into the realms of Biography, honoring the strengths and weaknesses of our personal stories, organically moving into a celebration of the potential of our healthy creative Wild Child. The themes of Intimacy, Sexuality and Personal Emergence will be our focus during our final few days. Overall, this program’s map allows for the honoring of the essential questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? How do I live my life in a sober, authentic, and creative way? How can I make a difference in this world?

In addition, we will gather in single gender groups supporting each other in our quest to embody as healthy men and women. Some of our time together will be devoted to community service activities on the land at Sunrise Ranch. We will also spend time together in contemplation and ceremony in nature. All of these activities will support the integration of the themes emerging throughout the curriculum.

Finally, there will be a few special community events during our time together. These include a Truth and Talent evening, and a closing intergenerational Movement Mass, welcoming each of you back into community in a new way.

Although I will be the primary teacher and guide throughout this summer we will be drawing ever more upon our powerful leadership team to co-facilitate as appropriate. Each of you will be overtly linked with other faculty, allowing for your maximum support during this process.

I invite you to apply to participate in this program if you are 17-38 years old and you aspire to discover and embody the truth of who you are creatively in community. Space will fill quickly this year. If you are moved to dance together this summer, please promptly send in your application packet, including your statement of intent. We can then arrange a time to talk directly.

We look forward to guiding and collaborating with you on this path of renewal. May we together cultivate our capacities to practically and positively serve life.



This Curriculum serving Youth includes tools and resources for …

  • world2Accessing the Wisdom of the Body.
  • Opening to the Truths of the Heart.
  • Connecting with the Ground of Mother ~ Father.
  • Freeing the Creative Wild Child.
  • Strengthening Interpersonal Communication Skills Inviting Connection versus Violation.
  • Developing the Capacity to Honor and Express Oneself as Sexually Whole People.
  • Making a Difference by Taking Action in one’s Community.
  • Remembering Ever More Fully One’s Destiny Through the Conscious Embodiment of These Maps.


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