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We Belong Together

We Belong Together

Greetings Dear Friends,

We belong together. Every one of us is being tested in extreme and unprecedented ways. We have a network that can help us serve and support each other. Now is the time.

As we prepare for our next worldwide community dance, please pause with me. Let’s pause to pray and extend our love right now. So many of our people are on the front lines of this struggle. Fevers. Few supplies. Family members in highly compromised situations. Fear overcoming faith. Lack of access to finances of any kind. Addictions creeping in. No access to water, literally no water. And many folks are still working out in the world on the daily.

Thank you to all noble souls for serving on hotlines and on the front lines.

So many of us are experiencing the truth of how thin the veils are right now. Loving and healing spiritual energies are pouring towards us, seen and unseen. We can open to that truth. We are in this together. We know this terrain. When in the midst of an initiatory rite of passage, we keep breathing in the spiritual support while orienting towards life. As we respect the presence of death, every moment offers us the opportunity to make life-giving choices.

We discipline our minds. Keep our hearts wide open. Continue to unwind the activation in our bodies so that we can keep returning to the safe and sacred ground within. We make conscious choices all day long. That is real. We show up, speak up, and serve generously when we have extra. And, we grow silent when it is time to reset. That is the golden way. We reach across time and space growing healing bridges of peace, inside and out.

We know that the time to share like never before is upon us.

So here is what we are doing right now from the Golden Bridge center to the world.

  • We are raising and sharing financial resources to support our beloved community members who need the very basics, water, soap, a meal. If you can help us raise money, please do. As I mentioned above, we have students in very high need. You know some of these mighty souls from our summertime Movement Mass dances or from our Creative Liberation performances. We can accept PayPal or credit card donations via our Movement Mass Online webpage. 100% of your tax-deductible dollars will go to the Golden Bridge young leaders in need around the world.
  • We are offering ongoing online healing and educational gatherings for the SomaSource and Golden Girls Global communities around the world. We will expand these to the wider community in April.
  • We also hope to share some additional online courses that have been in the queue, readying to emerge. Stay tuned for more on this soon as well.
  • And of course, we will continue to offer Movement Mass online. Below are the details about how to join us for these weekly times of deep movement, a collective reset.

Movement Mass this coming Sunday, March 29th, we are going to shift our platform so that we can connect more fully. We want to move from the inside out in ways that nourish our hunger for healthy social connection. Therefore, Zoom will be our path forward.

On Sunday at 11 am MST, sign up on our Movement Mass Online webpage to receive a Zoom link to dance with us live. A video of the dance will be posted on YouTube Sunday afternoon.

Dear friends, let’s keep mobilizing and resting, allowing all the ways that we are being moved to wake us up.

In life.
And love.


Blessings, Mitakuye Oyasin,(Mitakuye Oyasin)
Dr. Maria Michael

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Let’s Take Care of Each Other

Let’s Take Care of Each Other

Hello Dear Dancers,

For many of us, conscious movement is one of our enduring allies during this time of rigorous initiation. In fact, it feels like a lifeline for some of us, a way to get down into the struggle and give it a place to express and transform, along with being a way to move beyond the story into the courage and Grace that is here to help us along.

We are thus committed to offering our Sunday Morning Movement Mass journeys every week for the long haul. Our Golden Bridge community has been gathering for over thirty years, consciously moving through rugged thresholds of many kinds: floods and fires, births and deaths, youth rites of passage journeys, cancer, generations of people coming home to themselves, despite and because of it all.

Please join us again this Sunday for our online Movement Mass. Last weekend’s event seemed to deeply nourish. Release and relief, settling the nervous systems of many. We were grateful to offer this to the global community as a resource. (If you missed last week’s dance, you can watch it here: Online Movement Mass, March 15th, 2020)

Let’s keep taking care of each other in this ancient and enduring way.

This Sunday, March 22nd, we will gather again via live-stream on YouTube. This dance is open to all and easy to share with beloved ones around the world. We may shift our platform overtime. For now, this is what is happening. Please, join us on the journey!

In the spirit of taking good care of each other, please consider how you can also support this experience. We welcome your contributions, your social networking, even your open-source music. We would love for this work to be available to any and all who want to join in on this movement.

Below, you can find information about how Movement Mass has supported emerging leaders around the world. They need our alliance now more than ever. Thank you for serving the wider community with us.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 11am MST. You can join the live-stream on our YouTube channel or our Online Movement Mass Page.

Thank you dear friends.

I’ll see you on Sunday in the dance.
In faith and fierce devotion to life.

A note about Movement Mass proceeds:

At this time, we are choosing to offer this event on a donation basis. Please simply make a donation for any amount you are able. Movement Mass has not changed its suggested donation range for over 10 years. Your $12-18 means the world to the world!!!

If you are unable to contribute financially, please share your energy for this work. You are welcome, no matter your circumstances.

And if you are able to contribute more, even in these rocky times, we would be grateful. Golden Bridge is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Every penny goes directly to the young leaders ready to show up and serve in these times.

For decades, the proceeds from Movement Mass have significantly helped us tend to hundreds of emerging leaders around the world, many of whom live in financially under-resourced communities. Their day-to-day lives are extremely challenging. They are leaders for all of us, brilliant and resilient. Together, our work is rippling out through many of these embodied global leaders, everywhere from Pine Ridge to South India, from the Congo to Rocinha in Brazil, from Baltimore to borders in the Middle East. Many of you know these lightworkers. We remain dedicated to working in alliance with these beloved students/colleagues, near and far. The resources from Movement Mass help make that possible.

Above all, come. Let’s be together in the dance!

And if you are inspired, please share this work with your friends and family. Invite them to meet us online at Share the dance links with others who might benefit from a little positive shaky-shake. Share your photos of yourself dancing around the world on our Facebook page. Or simply, take good care of your precious selves.

“Amidst the storms of change and tragedy that increasingly characterize modern life, places of refuge are needed. One place to look for refuge is deep inside oneself. When we catch the mostly invisible, but often audible thread of calling the soul awakens to its genuine dream of life. If we follow this subtle thread of soul we move closer to the places of deep resonance and harmony that are part of our inner nature and secretly part of great nature as well. Amidst the cacophony of a world gone wrong we can still find the music and rhythm of the body and the song set within the soul.”

–Michael Meade. 4/29/15

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Movement Mass is Moving Online

Movement Mass is Moving Online

Dear Dancing Community,

With respect for our individual and community health, we are choosing to pause our in-person Movement Mass events. We will be moving together online every Sunday for the next many weeks.

We are in process of designing a sustainable way of offering a regular Movement Mass dance experience online. In the meantime, we are called to offer everyone a one-time mini-Movement Mass this Sunday with Melissa Michaels. Dancing feels more essential now than ever. This week’s movement experience will be shared via email, free and available to all.

Please join us.

Of course, dancing from our living room is different than being on the dance floor together, but this is what our practice is all about.

We dance through everything!

This Sunday, we look forward to coming home to our resilient selves, our still center, and the Spirit moving us. This dance experience aims to still be potent and of course, different!

Sunday, March 15th. We will send an email to all on this list-serve with a link to a video. Look for the message around 11am. Let’s keep our regular Movement Mass date.

Through rhythm and breath, we will explore body-centered pathways that support our movement through these dynamic times with ever more consciousness, collective care, calm.

And love.

p.s. If you’d like to invite a friend to join our first online Movement Masshere is the link for them to sign up.

Hafiz says:
“Fear is the cheapest room in the house.
I’d like to see you in better living conditions.”

A brilliant perspective on these times.
Let’s breathe and bend together.
— Deep respect and gratitude to author Michael Olmstead

Originally sent to our MailChimp list ~ please join us to keep in the loop and get notices like this in your inbox.

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