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Hello friends,

Threshold consciousness can be a blessing! In this time out of ordinary time, if we are safe, supported, and soul searching, we are able to access a heightened sense of reality. The old is dying away and the new is not yet in view. That which is true becomes very clear. The rest becomes toxic and urgently in need of change.

The delicate and precious nature of life is revealed on this Covid precipice. Our vulnerability and brilliance are ever more evident. If we are blessed to not be in a moment-to-moment survival dance, we actually are being given the space and the consciousness to hone our visions and discern how we use our precious energy every blessed day.

I am more clear now than ever that my life is dedicated to liberating stuck energy, grounding, resourcing, and mobilizing life-giving creative currents.

In my own psyche, this is true. On the dance floor with individuals, this is true. Within relationships, this is true. In diverse community dynamics, this is true. And yes, even with money, this is true.

As we move into this new era, I would like for us all to talk more openly about money.

Golden Bridge is indeed a non-profit organization, however, it is not a charity. We invest in somatic social change agents. We share resources so that the same creative intelligence that many of us have been so privileged to liberate and develop can also be liberated and developed in others who have access to fewer outer resources.

My personal resources, financial and otherwise, have been dedicated to creating safe spaces and experiences where people can come home to themselves, to heal their pasts and move into their futures with the vision and the inner and outer resources needed to make their dreams come true.

Rarely do we just give people money to survive. We offer folks tools to establish their own pathways for survival.

Now is a different time, however. This is a time to do whatever it takes to make sure that our global family members are truly safe and fed.

Over the past month and a half, our dance community has helped to generate some financial resources to help our beloved community in diverse situations stay alive and online. Funds for basic necessities like soap, water, beans, rice, and internet, yes internet, have been shared.

I want to thank you all for expressing your love by helping us raise some of the funds needed to support our long-term students of this work, many of whom are now pillars in their communities.

Whenever basic survival money has been sent, our community members have been encouraged to find ways to use these resources to not only establish basic sustainability and safety for themselves, but to also inspire their students to be safe and creative too. In the next post we will highlight a few of the profound ways that these mighty leaders have lifted up themselves and their people during this crisis.

Making something out of nothing is an art. If ever there is a time to manifest magic in the midst of madness, now is the time. I hope that these initial stories shared inspire you to turn your gifts into gold in the thick of this pandemic and into the future.

Thank you again for your support.
Let’s keep the energy flowing, financial and otherwise.

In prayer and focused action,

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

~ Lilla Watson, Indigenous Australian or Murri visual artist, activist, and academic.

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