The Dance of Maturity


A Movement Experiences for Elders and Olders with shifting bodies and wizening souls

Always changing. Ageless and aging. Glorious and gory. Expanding and contracting.

Together, we gather to explore what it means to be conscious as the flesh both softens and hardens. Together, we gather to honor the perfect patterns playing out in how we move or do not move from our lives well lived. Together, we gather to celebrate the wise soul that emerges through the shifting of the flesh, bone, blood, and breath. Together, we gather to remember the rich landscape of the body as a place of being and of transition, as we all dance into the now and the great transitions ahead.

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Melissa Michaels, Ed.D., dancer, author, and activist, guides individuals and communities through major life transitions. For over three decades, she has served as a movement mentor to people around the world, those in the birth cycle of life, in adolescence, and in life crisis and normal developmental changes throughout the adult cycle of life. Melissa’s life is dedicated to dancing along life’s edges and guiding others as they do the same. Her recent journey through ovarian cancer deeply transformed her understanding of how to be in a radically changing body. She is devoted to embodying the agelessness within the aging process.

Melissa is a first generation teacher of the 5Rhythms® and a Master Somatic Educator and Therapist (ISMETA). Her forthcoming book, Threshold Dancing, will tell the story of how the body of work she synthesized, SomaSource, weaves together the arts of body, heart, and soul to support healthy human development from birth through death and through the many mysterious, maddening, and miraculous adventures in between.

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