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Men’s Quest

JULY 12 & 13, 2024

In the potent and generative arena of sacred brotherhood, we will access, dance, and re-member four archetypal gateways to masculine wisdom:
Magician, Lover, Warrior, and Sovereign.

Together, we will focus on how each of these archetypes lives in us and offers us unique access into our thinking, feeling, doing, and being.

Men have always gathered in community to recover forgotten potentials and to awaken parts hidden in shadow. Our brotherhood and friendships will help us create a formidable field of interbeing as we dive deeply into our healthy roots and connections and the true soul of the masculine.

Through creative processes, we will access our capacities to be awake, accountable, and show up in the brilliance of our vulnerability. Our quest is to find the clarity, heart, courage and commitment to stand up in our wild sacred masculine selves and let our unique genius shine. Together we will celebrate what it is to be whole and authentic men in these times.

Please join us. Men 16 years & older are welcome.


At the Avalon Ballroom, Boulder
Friday, July 12: 6-9pm (Doors open at 5:30pm)

Saturday, July 13: 9:30am-9pm (Doors open at 9am)



$185 – $220

Payment plans and some work-exchange opportunities will be available.


Tom Daly, Ph.D. – Tom is a leadership trainer, a nationally recognized pioneering leader in men’s soul work, a ritual artist, and holistic healer. Tom has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart and soul through exploring deep inner spaces. Since the mid 1970’s Tom has devoted his life to awakening and supporting boys, men, and elders in their authenticity & wholeness. He is a founder of 4 Gateway Coaching, the Inner King Training, the Living Arts Foundation, and The Men’s Leadership Alliance based in Boulder, CO. Tom is a husband, father, step-father and devoted grandfather.

Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish, MA is a family man deep in the mysteries and magic of marriage and fatherhood. He currently serves as an adjunct instructor at Naropa University teaching classes in environmental justice, social identity, and contemplative learning. Since 2004, Ramon has been a dedicated student of the SomaSource maps and thus, one of our most inspired and integral leaders over all these years. In this role, he has also been involved in an effort by local and international rites of passage practitioners, wilderness guides, and youth mentors to integrate services, create a clearing house for best practices, and help awaken mainstream educators to the elemental language of ritual. Ramon continues to quest for the alchemical marriage between dance, art, science, activism, cultural diversity and the sacred, through community gatherings, creative experimentation and social enterprise. 

Juan Guerrero was born in Monterey, Mexico, and raised between Mexico and Houston TX. In 2016 he followed a call for something more and hit the road, his travels led him to settle in Colorado. Since early 2016 he has been deeply immersed in Golden Bridge programs and trainings through which we discovered his dance and his medicine.

Juan’s youth exposed him to an unjust education system, gang violence, and drugs. His coming of age has been a renaissance in which he has discovered himself to be a mentor, a singer-songwriter, an artisan, an activist, and a proud business owner. Juan is a skilled carpenter, mason, welder, landscaper, and handyman. He is passionate about combining his hard and soft skills to create healthy environments for young men questing for the sacred masculine. He is integrating men’s work from many lineages. Juan led his first men’s circle in Rio de Janeiro through Golden Bridge. He is married to a wonderful woman and is honored to be a loved and trusted leader in his community.

Fahadhi Kiryowa is a Ugandan dance and music performer who utilizes his talent to inspire and engage people all over the world. Through break dance and theatre performances, he shares and teaches leadership skills to young people and adults in order to help them become more socially responsible in their communities. He was a featured artist in the film, Shake The Dust!

In addition to his passion for the arts, Fahadhi is a youth leader. This began in 2015 when he participated in Golden Bridge’s International Leadership Program with Melissa Michaels and friends, starting a whole new chapter in his life. In 2016, he facilitated dance and storytelling workshops at Power of Hope Camp, a program organized by Partners for Youth Empowerment organization. The following year he took part in Project Ponte Berlin Germany, supporting young refugee children in their social skills and emotional development using creative art.

In 2019, Fahadhi earned a certificate in social entrepreneurship from Watson Institute in Boulder, where he was trained on how to address global problems and initiate action to bring positive change. His passion for problem-solving compelled him to go on to complete a Nanodegree in Digital Marketing with Udacity Online course and master his skills in content strategy, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, Display advertising, and Email Marketing. The confluence of all of these passions and skills led Fahadhi to join the GB/GGG Social Marketing Team where he enhances and serves our Global community with style!

Fahadhi took part in the SomaSource LIfe Cycle Practitioner Training, and he graduated in Somatic Life Cycle adding value to his already proven leadership skills.

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