With Katharine & Makasha Roske

APRIL 13TH, 2019

We know that arranging childcare has been challenging for many, so we have decided to do a shorter version so more folks are able to attend!

Being parents in these precarious times takes courage and commitment. It calls us to build strong inner resilience and consciously use the experiences of daily life to bring us into greater presence and compassion for ourselves and our children. For us, being parents has been a profound spiritual practice, as we have loved our way through many challenges over the past 42 years.

In our time together we will:

  • Create sacred space for the emergence of our collective wisdom
  • Engage co-creative practices to build a field of safety, trust and intimacy
  • Move from polarization to connection through effective communication skills
  • Explore the trance of the addiction to be the “perfect parent”
  • Bond as community in the potent journey of parenting.

The young ones are calling us to the task. Let’s do it together!

Saturday, April 13th: 9:30am – 1pm

$60/couple; $35/single. A limited number of partial scholarships available.

Shining Mountain Waldorf School ~ Eurythmy Room (999 Violet Avenue, Boulder, CO)


About Katharine & Makasha:

After 42 years of marriage and the raising of 8 children, we have a breadth of experience and valuable insights to share. We have lived at the evolutionary edge experimenting with innovative approaches to birthing, education, economics, health, and well-being. In 1996 we co-founded Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico to support personal and planetary transformation and engage co-creative practices in every day life.

Our decades of experience teaching co-creative processes has been immensely supportive in our dealing with conflict, creating agreement fields, calling forth soul qualities, and cultivating acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. Integrating ceremony into daily life, as well as honoring the more significant thresholds through rites of passage continue to be a consistent reminder of the sacredness of our journey together as a family.

For more information:

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