Phase 2 Covid-19 Prevention Policies

As guests of the Avalon, we are following the Avalon protocol.

As of September 3rd, 2021 the Avalon Ballroom COVID Use Policy requires that event attendees are fully vaccinated for Covid. Additionally, in compliance with the Boulder County Public Health Order 2021-08, all attendees are required to wear masks.

Respectfully, at this time, if you have not received a full round of shots (+ 2 weeks), we are not able to welcome you into the Avalon or to Movement Mass. You will be missed.

To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort for the Phase 2 of our return to in-person Movement Mass, we are implementing the following policies and guidelines:

    • Pre-registration will end at 9am on the morning of the event and ensures a speedier process at the door. Drop-In Registration is also available until 11am. Due to required logistics of the COVID-19 policies, please arrive 15 minutes early.
      • We will be checking vaccination records at the door to ensure compliance with the Avalon Ballroom policies. Please remember to bring your vaccination card. An image of the vaccination card is acceptable. You must be two weeks past your final shot date in order to attend.
      • Since children have not received the Covid-19 shots, we are not able to welcome your wonderful little ones back into the dance at this time either. We can’t wait to weave them back into this special community time. Please find a way to join us until that time. As we all know, parent time is essential.
      • During the dance, immune-compromised folks are welcome to dance on the stage.
      • Please ask for consent before hugging a friend, even if you are excited to finally see them again. Thank you.
      • Masks are required. Beginning at 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 3, masks are required indoors in public spaces throughout Boulder County. The new order applies—regardless of vaccination status—to persons aged two and older.

      Each participant is also responsible for reviewing our upshifted Movement Mass Guidelines and signing a 2022 Golden Bridge Waiver.

      We honor that some of you have not chosen to receive these shots. We look forward to when we can all dance together again. We hope to open our doors more widely when we are given permission from the Avalon.

      Thank you for working together to create a safe and spirited next cycle of dancing.


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