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Orienting us towards embodied love in action.

Experience. Explore. Express.
Emotional Intelligence.

This is the next phase of the work we begin during Surfing The Creative. It’s a deeper dive into emotional and social literacy.

During this sacred time, we will tend to our mighty hearts, honoring it all … the wonder and the wailing, the fears and the fury, the kindness and the compassion …  opening into our ever expanding capacities to love, being the wild truth tellers that we are. Through the alchemical synthesis of the movement maps of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms®, Compassionate Communication, and the Embodied Empathy peace work, we will allow our hearts to soften and reset. Pent up emotions will be liberated. Transforming fear into faith, outrage into uprising, sorrow into song, and joy into fierce love, we will return home to the truth of our hearts. Clearing the past, we can embrace what is truly present. Grounding in our shared practices, we will traverse again and again pathways that allow us to consistently love more deeply and speak up more powerfully.

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