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SUNDAYS, 10:45am – 12noon
(Doors at 10:30am)
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We move to liberate the pent up and the powerful parts of ourselves.

We move to connect with our vulnerabilities and our vast creative intelligence.

Together in collaborative community, we move to explore the spaces within and between us.

We move together to heal, to awaken, and to embody our soul’s authentic ways.

We move so that we can activate the mighty forces of goodness, truth, and beauty that long to be expressed through us.

We move because these times require that we mobilize.

No dance experience is necessary, only a longing to move with life in authenticity and love.

Currently paused.

After three wonderful dances together this August, we are choosing to push pause on in-person Movement Mass. Due to the complexities of navigating through Covid at this time, we are returning to online dancing. We are poised to return to be together as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Movement Mass Online begins again September 12th


Sept 12Online
Sept 19Online
Sept 26Online
Oct 3 – t.b.a.
Oct 10Online
Oct 17 – t.b.a.
Oct 24 – t.b.a.
Oct 31 – t.b.a.

More dates soon. . .


Time: 10:45am – 12noon
(doors at 10:30am)

Fee: $15-$20 sliding scale
Additional tax-deductible donations are always welcome.


Avalon Ballroom – 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO 80303 (map)

All proceeds support emerging leaders from around the world engaged in this work.

On occasion, our SomaSource trained leaders will guide Movement Mass in Melissa’s absence.

Movement Mass Phase 1 Covid-19 Prevention Policies:

As guests of the Avalon, we are following the Avalon protocol.

As of June 29th, 2021, the Avalon Ballroom COVID Use Policy requires that event attendees have received a complete round of Covid-19 vaccine shot(s).

Respectfully, at this time, if you have not received a full round of shots (+ 2 weeks), we are not able to welcome you into the Avalon or to Movement Mass. You will be missed.

To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort for the Phase 1 of our return to in-person Movement Mass, we are implementing the following policies and guidelines:

    • Pre-registration is required. Ticket sales will end at 9:ooam on the morning of the event.
    • Please arrive 15 minutes early. Due to the required logistics of the COVID-19 policies, we will not be able to accept walk-ins at this time.
    • We will be checking vaccination records at the door to ensure compliance with the Avalon Ballroom policies. Please remember to bring your vaccination card. An image of the vaccination card is acceptable. You must be two weeks past your final shot date in order to attend.
    • Since children have not received the Covid-19 shots, we are not able to welcome your wonderful little ones back into the dance at this time either. We can’t wait to weave them back into this special community time. Please find a way to join us until that time. As we all know, parent time is essential.
    • During the dance, immune-compromised folks are welcome to dance on the stage.
    • Please ask for consent before hugging a friend, even if you are excited to finally see them again. Thank you.
    • No masks are required in any of the spaces since everyone will have received a completed cycle of the Covid-19 shot(s). Masks are welcome.

    Each participant is also responsible for reviewing our upshifted Movement Mass Guidelines and signing a 2021 Golden Bridge Waiver.

    We honor that some of you have not chosen to receive these shots. We look forward to when we can all dance together again. We hope to open our doors more widely when we are given permission from the Avalon.

    Thank you for working together to create a safe and spirited next cycle of dancing.


    Movement Mass Guidelines

    The following guidelines have been developed through decades of shared experience. They aim to help keep us safe and connected during our short time dancing together each week.

    1) We are committed to ensuring that Movement Mass is an inclusive and anti-oppressive event for everyone who comes in goodwill, regardless of race, culture, religion, age, gender, gender expression or identity, ability, sexual orientation, citizenship status, place of origin, or marital status. Please be mindful of your intentional and unintentional contributions to this space. We want ALL dancers to feel safe and welcome here.

    2) Please arrive by 10:45am – We aim to begin and end together. If you are late, please plan to come the next time.

    3) We require dancers to sign the Movement Mass waiver every year. If you have not yet signed the waiver for the current year, you must do so before the dance begins.

    4)Movement Mass is a sober and substance-free dance environment!

    5) This is a media-free zone. Recording and photography of any kind, including cell phones, cameras, recorders, etc. are not allowed during this event. Consensual photos with friends, before or after, are welcome.

    6) Please be culturally sensitive in your clothing choices. We require that everyone FULLY cover their erogenous zones. All genders, please wear a shirt. This honors different cultural norms along with creating equity for all.

    7) Although most of us dance in bare feet, we understand that some people need shoes for support. Socks alone are not permitted for safety reasons. If you need to wear shoes, please have appropriate indoor dance footwear and watch your step for others’ safety.

    8) No gum chewing (ever) while on the dance floor. Again, safety.

    9) No strong perfumes or essential oils. Out of respect for our dancers who are chemically sensitive, we request that people refrain from wearing strong scents.

    10) During Phase 1 re-entry, unfortunately, we are not able to welcome the children. We look forward to doing so and will welcome you as the Avalon protocol allows for them to return. Looking forward: Children will be welcome with the following understanding: For the safety of everyone, children must be supervised at all times, or better yet, participate in the dance. Our venues require that young ones must stay in the event space and not roam or play in the common areas (entrance, lobby, empty rooms, bathrooms, etc.). Please bring or borrow headphones for noise protection for babies.

    11) We have a highly-trained support team in the room each week. These gifted leaders wear purple ribbons for identification. They may approach you to see if you seem to be moving through a process that could use some support. Feel free to let them know what you need, from space to contact.

    12) In order to create a clear space for people with different needs, this is a contact-free dance space. Please do not touch another person in the dance unless you have asked permission to do so. If someone is in the midst of a process, your contact could be helpful or highly disruptive. Consider carefully if it is your need or the other person’s need when you reach out.

    If we sense that our approach is not working for you, we will work together with you to find a path forward.

    Thank you for honoring our guidelines. We welcome your suggestions, questions, and needs. Please feel free to leave us a note in our suggestion box on the front Movement Mass Welcome Table. Please include your name and contact information so that we can dialogue with you directly.

    Thank you for dancing with us!


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