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SUNDAYS, 11am – 12noon
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Small World Dancers registration for 2024 is now open!
Pre-registration is encouraged. We do welcome drop-ins, space permitting.

✮ Here’s the scoop ✮

Before registering your children, please take these steps:

1) Please consider the Small World Dancers Guidelines
2) Please review our Basic Health Protocol
3) Please sign the Golden Bridge 2024 Waiver (Once per year)
4) Please pre-register

Children’s Mass: Small World Dancers is a place for children ages 3–7 years to communally dance and connect with their intrinsic wonder and love of life.

Together we will be moved by the wheel of the year, moving with the beauty and rhythms of the seasons. We will share dance and song, story, and play. Gathering in North Hall at the Avalon, we will have an age-appropriate and safe space for little dancers during Movement Mass when the big people dance in the nearby Avalon Ballroom.

After everyone has had their dance, we will all join together for a multi-generational closing circle.

Children’s Mass will be lovingly held by Johannah Reimer. Johannah is a soulcentric educator, teen mentor, multi-generational dancer, and mother to Haven. Certified as a Waldorf teacher and SomaSource Leader, Johannah has spent the last 20 years creatively educating and working with young children and teens in creative and life-honoring ways.

Founder of “Wakeful Nature” a Rites of Passage program for young girls into womanhood, Johannah currently runs ongoing mentorship groups to support local girls as they traverse adolescence.



February 4th
March 3rd
April 7th
May 5th
June 2nd



Time: 11am promptly–12pm MT

Children will gather in the coat room beginning 10:45am. Together, they will go to the studio at 11am.


Pricing: $100 total per child for all 5 Sessions

Pre-registration cut-off time is 11am on Sunday, February 4th.

If space permits, tickets for individual sessions can be purchased ($23 per child) at the door with a signed Golden Bridge 2024 Waiver.


At North Hall, at the Avalon Ballroom – 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO 80303 (map)

What happens on weeks when Johannah isn’t teaching, or if your children aren’t 3–7 years old? Click here →

Small World Dancers Guidelines

1) We are committed to ensuring that Small World Dance is an inclusive and anti-oppressive event for everyone who comes in goodwill, regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, gender expression or identity, ability, citizenship status, place of origin. Please be mindful of your intentional and unintentional contributions to this space. We want ALL the children to feel safe and welcome here.

2) Please arrive by 10:45am – We aim to begin and end together. If you are late, please quietly bring your child to the classroom where we are gathered.

3) We require everyone to sign the Golden Bridge waiver every year. If you have not yet signed a waiver for your child for the current year, you must do so before the dance begins.

4) This is a media-free zone. Other than the Golden Bridge media photographer, including Johannah, recording and photography of any kind, including cell phones, cameras, recorders, etc. are not allowed during this event.

5) Please be culturally sensitive in the clothing choices for your children. We require that everyone FULLY cover their erogenous zones. All genders, please wear a shirt. This honors different cultural norms along with creating equity for all.

6) Although most of us dance in bare feet, we understand that some people need shoes for support. Socks alone are not permitted for safety reasons. If your child needs to wear shoes, please have appropriate indoor dance footwear.

7) No gum chewing or snacks (ever) while on the dance floor. Again, safety.

Thank you for helping your children honor our guidelines. We may discover additional ones that help us all have a healthy and happy time together. We welcome your suggestions, questions, and needs. Please feel free to send us a message at Please include your name and contact information so that we can dialogue with you directly.

Thank you for bringing your children to our Small World Dancing!


Basic Health Protocol for Small World Dancers:

Let’s work together to create a safe and sustainable way to gather.

In that spirit, please bring your child(ren) only if they are in good health. Please do not bring them to Children’s Mass if they have tested positive for COVID in the last 10 days, if they have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 5 days, or if they have any cold or flu symptoms of any kind.

If you need to cancel their participation due to health, we invite you to donate to our youth fund or you may request a refund.

Thank you for working together to create a safe and spirited next cycle of dancing!


You may wonder what happens on the Sundays that Johannah is not teaching or if your children are not between the ages of 3–7. Here is that scoop!

We are delighted that our children are able to dance with us on Sundays when there is not a class. Below are the options for ways that we can safely and respectfully include the littles in our moving community.

Babies are welcome in the space if their parents are wearing them and the wee ones are wearing headphones of some kind. We want to protect their eardrums from the very loud music and human sounds. Energetically, this will also protect them.

Once your children are moving on their own, there are two options.

If space is full in these classes, or they are not being offered, or your child does not fit in this age group, you can bring your children into the main dance, make a donation for their admission, and track them 100% of the time. If we see a child roaming on their own, we will immediately ask their parent or guardian to leave the space with the child. We will not be able to offer refunds.

Older children, who are not able to stay at home alone yet but are truly able to self-engage for the full hour, are welcome to quietly sit on the stage and do their own thing, make art, listen to their own music with a headset, and the like.

Children are not permitted at any time to roam the hallways or the coat room without their adult person. We so love the idea of the children witnessing the adults doing their inner work in this community-centered way. Yet, we cannot have children running through the space making loud sounds that truly do disrupt the deep work folks are doing on the dance floor. This is a sacred and beloved space that needs to prioritize the inner adult work.

We thank you for your collaboration as we deepen in the dance, through all the generations.

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