SomaSource Summer Institute



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Required Closing Training Intensive for SomaSource Cohort #2: July 10th – 19th. (Please plan to arrive in Colorado July 8th or 9th. Orientation for Snow Lion guests begins the evening of the 9th.)


  • JULY 10 & 11: Pure Dance: Everybody is Welcome. Two days of deep and spacious movement with Melissa
  • JULY 13–18: Life Cycles & SomaSource Graduation (Closed Session For SomaSource Cohort #1 (Optional) and #2 (Required). A focused integration of the work through all of life’s cycles.
  • JULY 20–25: SomaSource In The World additional social entrepreneur training, community-development, health care, and Rocky Mountain adventures (Encouraged and optional for SomaSource Cohorts #1 and #2)
  • JULY 24 – 25: Heart Beat with Melissa Michaels and Hannah Loewenthal at the StarHouse. Open to the Public. Details TBA
  • JULY 26 – 30: Creative Liberation: Performance and story-telling about our work in the world. Focus on community celebration and closure. This year will be different than other years. Personal sharing of initiatives along with a few group artistic pieces.
  • JULY 30: Annual Creative Liberation Performance
  • SEPTEMBER: Golden Girls Global Launch


Applications will be live in Spring 2021. Please email to be notified when the application is available.

Free Gift!

One wave from our double CD IGNITE: Music to accompany the journey through the SomaSource rite of passage process and your dances.

Embodying Life’s Rhythms is music to move get your body moving! This is a 13 minute full wave through all 5Rhythms® orchestrated by the Golden Bridge Rhythm Keepers. Sacred instruments woven into a layered tapestry of inspired sound. A daily warm up. A ceremonial doorway. A chance to simply dance!

Thank you for joining the dance!