A dance-based transformational journey rooted in the arts of body, heart, and soul.

JULY 19-23, 2021

Dance. Connect. Create.

Annual Intergenerational Rite of Passage Program

Next Surfing The Creative® : Colorado, July 19-23, 2021

Applications will be live in Spring 2021. Please email to be notified when the application is available.

Our work together weaves somatic resourcing, creative expression, interpersonal bridging, and the natural world into a process that is both healing and awakening. The journey is life changing, inspiring grounding and vision, along with generating the capacity to bring one’s dreams into reality.

In these times of great potential and challenge on planet Earth, humanity is being invited to rise up and live with radical authenticity, aligning inner and outer truths for the well being of all. Surfing The Creative is a time tested pathway for the reclamation of people’s unique and vital gifts. It is an invitation to move from addiction into action, from fragmentation into integration, from isolation into loving community.

  • Accessing the Wisdom of your Body
  • Opening to the Truth of your Heart
  • Strengthening your Interpersonal Communication
  • Aligning with the Bounty of Mother & Father
  • Liberating the Creative Wild Child
  • Discovering Pathways for Building Healthy Connections with Yourself, with the World, and with the Spirit Moving All of Life
  • Remembering ever more fully your unique destiny and what your next steps will be in order to manifest that in our world community
Youth on Fire: Birthing a Generation of Global Leaders

This book shares the story of the young people who came of age through Surfing The Creative and the process that guided them home to themselves and their unique leadership in the world.

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Free Gift!

One wave from our double CD IGNITE: Music to accompany the journey through the SomaSource rite of passage process and your dances.

Embodying Life’s Rhythms is music to move get your body moving! This is a 13 minute full wave through all 5Rhythms® orchestrated by the Golden Bridge Rhythm Keepers. Sacred instruments woven into a layered tapestry of inspired sound. A daily warm up. A ceremonial doorway. A chance to simply dance!

Thank you for joining the dance!