Teachings for the Caregivers of Girls Beginning to Flow…


This two-day training is an invitation to all who are called to assist the maiden as she moves into young adulthood. After three decades of working with women throughout the life cycle, Melissa Michaels and Tara King will reunite to share their collective wisdom.

Together we will study:

  • The science and Spirit of the female fertility cycle.
  • A woman’s journey through the blood mysteries from birth – death.
  • A cross-cultural perspective on how to meet diverse young women.
  • How to create culturally respectful coming of age ceremonies.
  • How to create ongoing educational programs for the healthy development of heart and womb through adolescence.
  • The ever-changing needs and possibilities of a female identified person’s sexual journey throughout the life cycle.
  • How to create relevant artistic activities for the guide and the girls: dolls, wombs, crowns, and menstrual pads.

Attendance is dependent on space available and the nature of your current work with young women.


Co-sponsored by Golden Bridge and Naropa University.

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” ~ Erica Jong

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