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Download Melissa Michaels’ double-album, IGNITE

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IGNITE: Dancing The World Awake (Full Digital Album)

Music to inspire and support your dance practice.

This 18-song album was created as a moving rite of passage journey rooted in the SomaSource maps, including eight full 5Rhythms® waves. Co-created by Melissa Michaels and The Golden Bridge Rhythm Keepers, this music was born from the work over 4 decades with thousands of people from around the world dancing and awakening together. The album is a moving journey supporting the body, heart, and soul’s development towards embodied leadership, peacebuilding, and cultural creativity. Let it move you through time-tested and sacred portals for transformation and healing.

A Moving Rite of Passage Journey

Golden Bridge offers movement-based rite of passage experiences around the world. This music maps the moving journeys we make from the body… to the soul… to global service. Listen to the music. Move to it. Let it be a dancing ritual, a community resource, a friend to all seeking to find new ground within and in the world. This archetypal and universal music ignites creative action!

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