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Last night, I was home alone for the first time in a long while. I just had to dance. Whew. What a year. On every level, I and we have all been so tested.

I found myself dancing the last year into completion, being with some of the intense realities I had just navigated my way through. Five words kept coming into my consciousness. I realize they were summing up my past year, aiming to describe my journey through the labyrinth of cancer, decent, healing, and return.
Surrender. Faith. Ferocity. Alchemy. Resurrection.

So I danced them again and again and again. Here is a video of one cycle. By the end of the evening, I felt ready, ready to turn the wheel into a new year. I felt grounded in what has been, honoring the rigorous transformation that had been asked of me. I also came to see that I am still learning to recognize myself. The new self is still emerging. No rush.

Humanity is in a similar dance. Disease. Decent. Transformation. Healing. Return. We do not know what the world will look like as we find our way through. Let’s learn together how to stay surrendered, fierce, faithful, and consciously embracing the greatest experiment of our lives. How to transform the insanity of these times? Alchemy will be needed.

Below are some of the my writings about this time in case you did not see them in my recent newsletter.
But for now, why not turn on the music and join me in letting this past year be even more digested as it comes to a close. What are your words, images, feelings, sensations that arise as you contemplate your journey through 2017? Keep is simple. In essence, what unfolded through you and as you? Make a dance, a poem, a collage, or song. With a little discipline, the powerful medicine of this past year can be integrated and used to catapult each of us into even more potency and love for the year to come.
Gift yourself with some time for yourself. Know your myth. Honor the territory of your journey. Make art out of it all.

And, if you want to keep on dancing, we will be dancing our intentions tomorrow morning at Movement Mass. Of course, you are welcome. Friends from afar, you know how to do it. Create a half an hour, more or less, for yourself. Ask for guidance, kiss the earth, and dance. Dance. Dance. Dance. The answers will come about where you have been and where you are going.

I can’t wait to hear about your next moves and to be with you all as we learn even more about how to grace fully move together.

In community. In respect. In love.
Let’s create a year dedicated to true liberation.

P.S. LOL. Did I mention that my CAT scan this week came out 1000000% clear! Bam! Into the new year with cancer in my rear view window.

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