Beloved ones,

With a tender and fiery heart, I write to you today.

The universe is really limitless in it’s design. As the forthcoming author of a book called Threshold Dancing, I am being asked to face another threshold, one like never before. And, as I prepare for this, I write to ask for your help.

On Tuesday, March 21st, the first day of Spring, I will be undergoing surgery for cancer that was diagnosed in my womb on Friday. I want you to know about this for so many reasons.

Above all, I cherish you and want you to be tuned into this healing time with me.

I ask for your positive prayers for a whole body healing. I ask for your good vibes to be sent to all the amazingly brilliant care givers, doctors, nurses, family, and friends who will gather around me.

I ask for you to keep your deep practice in the dance as we all journey through this initiatory process. I ask for you all to find each other, laugh, cry, hold each other close. I ask for lots of deep breaths through this time. I ask for you to keep the faith, plant seeds, make music, make love.

Lots of it.

Create and rest. Create and rest.

Life is indeed precious. I feel it in every fiber of my being. I feel very strong, centered, ready, and eager to wrestle this dragon out of my body. So into the threshold I go.

I’ll be back. I have this next book to complete. This body is more open and grounded than ever. I have more playing and loving to do. My family! My friends! Our community. I want to dance with you too!

So, while I go through this, please know the following:

Any critical emails need to go through the office. Please feel free to reach. Our team will get your sweet letters to me. Someone on our team will address all other matters. I will not be using my own email. Please do not try to find me there or on phone, text, or through my immediate family.

Thank you.

We will keep you all posted about my progress on my Facebook page about what is happening. I’ll post when I can or one of my daughters or mates will do that. Of course, I welcome your encouraging love notes on there too!!!

We will continue to move forward with Movement Mass and our summer programs. Our emerging leadership team is now ready to step in and hold plenty of responsibility. I will be in the room as often as possible. I aim to keep dancing, both on and off the dance floor. Out of the country events will cancel. I am so sorry for any inconvenience on this front. Full details about our workshops this summer will be out any day or you can check our web site.

And please know that all your feelings are real and important. Express them. Write. Please keep checking on each other. I love you so much. We have had so many wild rides together. Let’s keep moving through the cycles and seasons of life in community.

Into the dance of healing, I go ~
With total love and full faith.

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