This cancer dance is shifting my life in so many brilliant ways. I love what is happening. Every few weeks, just as I am beginning my next cycle of treatment, I like checking in. So here is what is unfolding now.

On a down to earth note, here is the scoop on what is happening with the cancer level in Melissa’s body. My cancer markers continue to be on the very low end of normal. Due to the awesome work of so many people, including your generous prayers, the amazing docs and healers I have hung around with over the past 3 + months, and of course my body, I am rocking this cancer stuff right out of my reality. Step by step. I have been blessed to meet so many brilliant doctors, most of whom agree with my newly revised treatment plan. I will begin cycle #4 of treatment on Tuesday of this week. For my last three cycles, #’s 4, 5, & 6, I am moving away from the intra-parateneal (IP) chemo and into the IV regiment only. Although it will still be rigorous, it will be so much less invasive to my body. Plus, I will now be receiving many life giving nutrients right into my veins too. It is not only time to continue to eradicate any last cancer cells, but to focus with clear intention on rebuilding my body, allowing for regeneration and life giving energies to take over this blessed vehicle!

My job continues to be to keep the stress in check, eat well, move this body a lot, laugh often, love more deeply, say no thank you to energies that do not align with this goodness, and to feel the gift of resurrection. It is happening. I am joyous!

In fact, this past week I played hooky from chemo and spent a few days with my family. My beloved papa, grandpa Sam as many of you know him to be, turned 93 years old. Such a gift it was to love on him, to celebrate him, to bathe in his humor and depth, and to spend time with all of his closest family members … kids, their spouses, grand children. I have also had the great fortune to be with my beloved, Mark, and his grand children. Attached are a few photos of our mighty crew. Re-prioritizing family is part of the life I am moving towards post cancer. Once my girls went off to college about 6 years ago, my personal family life moved out of my center stage. My life became about work, work, work, work, work, work, work. But here we are, a very diverse and multi-layered family, longing ever more to be close together now that we see how precious life is, not to take for granted. So here’s to Family!

My soul also still loves, loves, loves dancing with the Muse. So work is not to be forgotten. In the next 7 weeks, not only will I go through 3 cycles of chemo, embrace our grandchildren from Mississippi and Canada, but we will also enact our annual summer programs here at Golden Bridge. Please join us for some of the magic. In particular, when the youth arrive from around the world to Surf The Creative, join me in welcoming them at our opening Movement Mass on July 23rd, or celebrate their completion of their rite of passage on July 30th at Movement Mass. Of course, don’t miss our annual Youth, Truth & Talent Show on the 29th. This is our epic event where the creativity of these mighty emerging leaders is shown in innovative ways, bridging cultures, class, race, gender, along with sharing their stories of resilience and brilliance. Nothing like this anywhere else, ever. We will keep you posted about other events, including a very special fundraiser and film showing for our refugee allies, August 5th. Stay tuned.

I love what is happening as a result of this healing crisis. I have had to let go of so much intensity and overworking. As a result of this, our Golden team is stronger than ever. Our love is deepening, and our collective responsibility is rising. And, we continue to dedicate ourselves to living what we teach. This has been not been a walk in the park. It has and continues to be a great dance on the edge …. leading all of us into a more powerful center. May we continue to grow only healthy cells there and together form masses that are moving, life giving, liberating, and just for all!

I bow to you in gratitude for all of your focus with me on that reformation of all masses. Chemo again tomorrow. The dance floor on Sunday. Let’s keep at it!

I love you.

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