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LOL! Sometimes the best laid plans do not unfold as predicted!

Just after I made the previous post, I went to receive the magical infusions that are designed to make me strong and healthier through this chemo ride. Well, I got sicker than I have been at any point this entire journey through cancer. No one did anything wrong, I am just uniquely sensitive, even to too much of the good stuff. What to do? I said, no thank you to more treatment at that time and headed home to Colorado. My daughter, Mariah Tuffy, was a brave and beautiful protector the whole way through this. What a gift to feel her love!

As a result of this mild descent, my chemo is delayed a week and I am simply gathering my strength back, enjoying the grandkids from Mississippi, preparing the last little details for camp in just over a week, and staying humble.

I am so grateful to be cozied back in the embrace of my people. There truly is no place like home. I am so blessed to be in a community filled with such love and shared devotion. We built it together over decades of love and deep work. Humor. Steadfastness. Vision. Willingness to be in the fire together. Dedication to returning from the depths ever more connected and conscious. So here’s to Family AND Community.

Our extended family is beginning to arrive from near and far. Safe traveling Surfers. We await you with open arms!


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