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Love Is...

Love is…

Sam…Flying across the country with two days notice at 92 years old with your former wife to sit at your daughter’s bedside during surgery.

Sue…Sending home made chicken noodle soup via air express to your daughter just days after her surgery.

Mark…Leaning into love through this fiery initiation with deep devotion and clear seeing and a shared surrender to the call to let this heat transform everything that is not pure and aligned.

Mariah…Closing up your life in Puerto Rico in a week, completing a many year job, saying good bye to dear friends, and flying home to the Rockies to take care of your mama.

Robin…Leaning across your mama’s body to lovingly listen to every word the surgeon says in order to track the science of your mama’s health because you actually understand it all and can ask really key discerning questions.

Trauma surgeon brother Andy…Telling your sister that it is just another day when she heads into surgery, reminding her to breathe.

Rachel…Flying through storms of all kinds to be by my side, cleaning my closet, loving my whole family, guarding my medical care, protecting my energy.

Gabe…Holding the family and close-in community with practical presence as we journeyed through the eye of the needle.

Martha…Driving all around to fill up water, juice needs, bone broth needs, pillow needs, and so many details held with utter grace and goodness.

Jennifer…Impeccably tracking me as you stand by my side before and just after surgery, helping me land back in my body when my wiring was to fly away.

Leah…Guarding over our Massive community, while wrapping me with your purple cashmere sweater, while lovingly washing my feet by hand when I can’t bend down yet to do so.

Hannah…Sending the deep still sounds that source my soul and remind me that I am indeed still dancing.

Jason…Driving hours across the front range to hang out and work at a coffee shop near the hospital just in case any one in our family needs anything on my surgery day.

Michelle…Gazing with me straight into the Mystery with reverence, urgency, and tenderness for all of life’s vulnerabilities.

Nancy…Sleeping a short night in my basement to make sure I am not alone at home between two of your long work days.

Melody…Naming and tracking my daughter’s medicine animal while humbly holding my feet to ground and quiet me.

Dr. Jeffrey…Showing up again and again to treat me with your good doctor needles in the weeks after surgery.

Julie…Bringing connections and keys to a healthy life through and out of this disease.

Tamara…Tending to my parents, my daughter, all the scared people on surgery day while they waited for my return … and tending to ALL of us every day since, even the kitten.

Isabelle…Showing up unconditionally again and again to track, drive, and feed me and crawl into bed to laugh about it all.

Winifred…Reminding me that all that I am doing is just “spicing things up.”

Sarita…Tending my world from ginger tea to the youth around the world with refined attunement and quiet benevolence.

Meg…Clearing chords of connection as we open to that vast place of healing.

Ari and Sashi…Creating yummy soup for the family as we grow together into an even more expansive one.

Xoli…Dedicating your dance class to my healing, connecting me up in our sacred lands of South Africa.

Tara…Taking me for a little walk in the hospital just days after surgery to talk and remember the women across the veil holding us close.

Timothy…Sending the sweetest golden flowers to my bedside post surgery.

Ramon, Jonathan, Jennie, and the whole fine crew…Showing up to lead in a true spirit of service and joy during Masses.

Shana…Nourishing our family on so many levels.

Robin…Generously sharing your decades of wisdom excavated through your deep and healing journeys through this rugged terrain.

Marci and Rachel…Offering artwork to uplift and transform me made by your brilliant creative hands and visionary beings.

Chris…Bringing gifts from all directions, especially my new sacred sister doll.

Rabbi Tirzah…Bringing our ancestral prayers to my bedside in ways that honor the Shekinah moving me while calling in my new name.

Jules…Tending to our lineage truths and my creative loves with me in the midst of it all.

Elder Hill, Offering an infusion of love and deep seeing through your spiritual missive that honors my life thus far, this “passage of wholeness, “ and the future that is mine to embody … gifting me with blessings from the depth of your mighty soul.

Elder Tom…Making the trip to Denver to ally with your dear brother as his partner navigated this wild terrain.

Shane and Mikael, cheering us on with love notes and little gifts of goodness along the way.

Lizanne, Bill, Manuela, Tosha, Leah, Sue, Bob, Isabelle, Jackie, Odd Fellows, Tova, Arrone, Laura, Jeffrey, Pieter, Michelle, Maritza, Arrone, Clary, Mikulinskys, Gabe, Laura, Jeffrey…Filling our home with more colorful and abundant flowers than I could ever imagine.

Grandma Peggy and Lisa…Remembering the original love of our family and showing up at the hospital in support.

Ellen…Making music for my soul full of soft sister healing love.

And all of the generous words of appreciation, and PRAYERS for health, and poetic letters of love sent through social media and hand made cards…dear beloved global community.

Love is …

I thank you.

May we continue to share this with one another and with all those who do not have access to this kind of medical care and community love medicine that I am so blessed to receive. Let’s keep these devotional practices alive … for all of humanity.


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