Hello lovely souls ~

Thank you for your reflections about this facebook communication process. I am moved to hear that you appreciate personal news about my journey of liberating cancer from my body. I will continue to post updates. Without information, fake news and fears can fly, projections can propagate, and stories can become reality. So here is what’s up now ~

First and foremost, I am so grateful to feel your support as I make my way along this mysterious path of healing from the big c … and a healing it is!

In fact after my surgery in March, weeks of deep inner work, and your mighty prayers, my CA 125 markers (one of the often accurate blood tests for cancer) is at the low end of normal. I truly feel amazing, better than in a long time. The surgery was a very positive process, a success for sure. My brilliant surgeon, Dr. Pamela Stone, and her team (all women) were able to remove everything that they saw that looked cancerous. All of us were relieved to see it contained in a few areas that my body was ready to release, specifically my uterus and omentum. My recovery time since the surgery has also been quite beautiful. Loads of new healthy habits being laid into my life, less computer time, more time being than doing, listening to the whispers from within, noting more of the beauty without. This time has also inspired the sweetest healing within my family and within the community. So much tenderness and truth, gifts that the threshold can so potently inspire. We all have been seizing the day!

Unfortunately, the work of eradicating this cancer is not fully done. And as one of our great local elders said to me, “Now it is time to go in there and mop up anything that is left”.

So on Tuesday of this week, I will begin the next cycle of clearing. Yes, I have chosen to journey through the labyrinth of chemo. I know that many folks are wondering why I would do that. I have had some deep wondering too. After a great deal of research, extensive dialogue with naturopathic, Chinese, and conventional doctors working with this disease around the country, and some deep listening, it is clear to me that chemo is my path forward at this time. I enter this next journey with eyes wide open, to the business of chemo, to the potential dangers, and to the powerful alchemical medicine that it can be if and as held with clear consciousness.

On that note, I ask you to continue to join me in prayer and positive pictures of how this transformative fluid can enter my body, serve as needed, and leave minimal trace. Join me in seeing that my very smart and resilient body can digest the medicine, release the toxins, and return again into life even more potent and vibrant than ever before. This golden fluid is here to serve. With our love pouring into it, it can do its magic of helping to stop all further growth of cancer cells.

Let’s keep breathing together, for cancer cannot survive in the face of too much oxygen. Let’s keep tracking our minds so that when we make up stories about what is happening, we can ask for more information or simply interrupt the thoughts and focus on healing. Let’s keep laughing a lot. This is one hot mess worth facing fearlessly and with a whole lot of funk. Dancing. Drawing. Crying. Swearing. Praying. Walking. Taking care of business. Surrendering and returning again and again.

Thank you for helping me along the way. All positive pictures and prayers are so gratefully received.

We got this.

… For all who are suffering and not able to get good enough health care … For all of life that is being asked to transform toxins and lean into love … For all of creation.

We keep on dancing.
In love.

(Thank you beloved StarHouse for holding me so graciously, as always.)

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