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Dear friends … Thank you. I am so moved by the love outpouring, the prayers sounding, the cradle of protection that arose from you all when the call for help was sounded. I needed you. I felt you. I know that the mythic journey that I am on in this body is deeply woven with our work together, transforming generations of neglect, abuse, saying yes when we meant no, opening to toxins and beliefs and fears that consume life itself. Like everything else, this too is a long walk. The work ahead will have other tests, but for today … It is Sabbath. I am home. So, so cozy. So grateful. Understanding the privilege of such amazing love and care on every level. Its about the basics now, poop, pee, eat, cry, laugh (although that’s a bit ouchie), and rest, rest, rest. Every moment there is more love to offer, to receive, to bathe the confused cells in. I am really happy to be deeply quiet. There is a symphony of guidance coming in. I have longed for this stillness. Alas. Thank you for keeping up the hard work out there. I am so aware of the struggle. Know that I am with you, as I always say … from the cell to the soul to service. Cell time for me. Let’s keep holding one another close. Only love.
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