Melissa in the Media

Interview with Melissa Michaels about her rites of passage leadership and programs, conducted by Frederick Marx. (warrior films)

Melissa Michaels: Keynote 2014 at the United Nations Youth Assembly 

Serving the next generation of Embodied Global Leaders

Interview with Melissa Michaels about her work with women and the Feminine conducted by Jeanie Manchester, May 5, 2014

For more about Jeanie and Shakti Rise:

PODCAST: Coming Home to our Bodies

Melissa Michaels interviewed by Lois Shannon / The Woman’s Network

A Journey through Life’s Cycles with Melissa Michaels

Interviewed by Livia Cohen-Shapiro, Melissa shares some of her perspectives on how the body can be a resource for the support of healthy human development. She marks key developmental stages through life’s cycles along with discussing how somatic intelligence can help heal unmet earlier developmental needs and help ground growing humans.
For more on Livia Cohen-Shapiro M.A:

2014 Body Intelligence Summit interview with Melissa Michaels

This interview is part of the Body Intelligence Summit, a free online event that featured interviews with many of the top experts in this emergent field! Sessions allow you to discover insights and practices that will help you become more deeply embodied — so that you can feel vibrant, connected, creative and joyful every day.

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