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Twisted Gift


“Beautiful … Courageous … Necessary and Empowering!” — Donna L.


“This is a beautiful, painful, moving window into one woman’s journey – that transcends Melissa’s singular experience to empower women everywhere. Thank you for creating and sharing this with the world!”
— Scott G.

“Thank you Melissa for allowing your community to witness your transformative threshold experience. Your excavated treasures, your gifts, your medicine brought back to us, again & again…keep on dancin!”
— Jo J.

“Melissa, wow. What an incredible way to illustrate your path through cancer. I have no doubt that your words, your actions, your courage and your honesty in this film will elevate, encourage and inspire countless women who are facing a similar path. Well done.”
— D. M.

“A beacon for us all–and another example of ‘Fierce Grace.'”
— Rahima D.

“Moving, beautiful , brave, raw, intimate, strong and powerful film.”
— Nancy M.

“Wow… Goosebumps… Tears… I am sorry for what you went through… I can somehow relate… I was crippled by an accident… It led to me becoming a dancer.”
— Nomvula

— Robert A.

Learn more about Melissa’s healing journey and her work with women & cancer

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