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Greetings Dancing Friends,

A blessed Autumn to you.

Our local community here in Colorado has faced many significant changes in this past month.  Amidst so much horror, beauty still triumphs!

The flood has leveled homes, cut off access to entire towns, destroyed the ground floor of many businesses, schools, and homes, along with catalyzing immense social change amongst us all. We have risen as a community, opened up new pathways for connection, linking businesses and people who never knew each other and certainly never did business under the same roof. It has been a time of outrageous humility, selflessness, and generosity.

Our dance community has embraced the collective shock and trauma with care and weekly dances. Through the integration of simple tools for resourcing in the face of extreme loss, fatigue, and overwhelm, we have been able to find some solid ground within, release some of our grief, and find comfort in connection with others courageously navigating their way through this difficult time. Through somatic disciplines of expression and integration, we have even begun to harvest the power of our own wild energies that aim to also open up new ways of moving and being. The waters have shown us nature’s outrageous power. We honor that we have the capacity to consciously break up habitual patterns of movement and create new channels for connection. In that spirit, we keep dancing.

May we continue to find new ground within and all around as we collectively harvest this season’s teachings.

With love ~

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