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Dear Dancing Community,We sure had a mighty summer, tons of surfing and cycling … without ever leaving the dance floor! Thank you for the simple and diverse ways that you supported us doing the work. You picked up youth at the airport, shared meals with leaders from around the world, made donations, and held the beat while we journeyed. It does take a village to raise a child and a child to raise a village!

The positive ripples from Surfing the Creative© and Life Cycles are now sounding from all directions. Below are a few quotes sailing in from students of this work.

     This work felt so near and dear to my Soul. It felt like I belonged in the room, like I know these teachings in my tissues and ethereal body, that I am meant to continue stewing and steeping in this work. I imagine that I will be as I am in the world – a bridge, a translator, a light worker and a healer – integrating the profound teachings of Life Cycles as one more aspect of my wholeness. It is showing up with my clients, with my partnership, with my baby, with my community. I feel more alive, more embodied, more aware of the developmental stages we are all in, more human. I feel able to tap into my life as a walking, breathing, moving PRAYER and as I do this, I have more and more energy to dedicate myself to service. Through this work, I have deepened my commitment to consciousness and evolution, to waking up and raising my vibration and to being of service to my family, my friends and my community – and beyond. ~ R.B.


So much was going on while we were with you in Boulder that I wasn’t sure what I was going to walk away with. I’m already discovering that the answer to that is SO MUCH. I feel that I’m having a rites of passage experience most days, about being a self sufficient adult. I’m also different with my children. When I got back we all did vision posters together, I’ve felt more present with them and more available. I feel like a woman/adult in a way I haven’t ever fully before. So I’m mothering more from that place which feels great. ~ J. H.


God is calling me again. I am a prayer, and I am an answer. I’ve been given enough that it won’t make sense to hide much longer. ~ Michelle Gabrieloff Parish

Please also enjoy these photos too, glimpses of the many rich images that are shaping our collective movement forward.

Life Cycles Children’s Program

Life Cycles Walking the Spiral

Life Cycles Book of Life Image (Art by Johannah Reimer)

You can also check out our facebook page for dozens of photos of this summer’s youth in action.

What a privilege it is to work with such potential being unleashed. The world needs all of us … awake, in faith, in connection, in action.

So let’s keep dancing into full bodied communion and conscious community!

Please join us this Autumn for Movement Mass and Shadow Dancing.

As the season turns, we have much to praise and much to pray for. I will see you there.
With respect and great love,

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