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Awe and Action.

Remember the majesty of home.

We are learning to stay home.

Landing into body and onto Earth, let’s respect the pure reflection of one to the other.

A somatic mandate.
A spiritual reunion.
A sacred deed.

Let’s mobilize from the very ground of our beings into right action.

Showing up, shifting, and serving every day, every choice, every breath.

For real.

That is something to learn to do while at home.

On Earth.


This Sunday we will dance to honor the Earth and to listen with our brave hearts open to Her call to action.

How can we upshift how we relate to LIFE. EARTH. ALL SENTIENT BEINGS.

Join us Sunday for Movement Mass Online at 11am MST!

Let’s get real and down … to Earth together.


All photos are from Golden Bridge Events.

“Be humble, for you are made of Earth.
Be noble, for you are made of stars.”

~ Serbian Proverb

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