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As I share day to day life, simple meals, inspired and very long meetings, stories of outrageous courage and integrity with this community here in Uganda, I am moved, daily to tears, by how horrific and beautiful this world can be … both. Our days are full of smart people doing outrageously humble and powerful work. I learn of mad violence and steadfast sustainable co – creativity. I am honored to be here in East Africa, working closely with these mighty young leaders from the Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, and Uganda, all aiming to bring together 1 Million Youth dedicated to Peace Across Africa. We are learning about one another, sharing resources for growing peace inside and out, sharing prayers, smiles, dreams, and dances.

The courage in action in these mighty souls is a teaching for the world. They have seen the destruction of violence and they say … no more. They are indeed protecting human dignity, not to mention their families, communities, and futures. I am clearer than ever that giving anything less than the fullness of our gifts in this life time is simply a waste. We need every one of us on deck. So, in the Spirit of full bodied respect for the circle of life, let’s keep showing up. May this new year guide you into right action and ever more love. Moved beyond words, at times heartbroken, and focused. … And with great love. Melissa

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