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Thirty two years ago, I began this dancing path. Wide open and ready, on a Spring time East Coast morning, I met Gabrielle Roth and surrendered into this healing path as if my life depended upon it, because it did.

These decades have been filled with endless waves of decent and return. Finding ground. Befriending fears. Lifting up into love. Creativity pouring through. Intimacy deepening. Dear and devoted students joining me on the journey. Together, building golden bridges … inside and out.

Together growing communities of resilience. Golden Girls Global. Cancer Dancer. Men on the Move. Trans Souls Soaring. Refugees Rising. Reservations. Favelas. Eco Villages. College Campuses. The United Nations. We simply keep mobilizing.

And sometimes, we need to slow down, to integrate and dream. As the season gets cold, lets come inside and kindle the feminine fire for all of life. Full circle.

On a quiet East Coast morning, we will gather again. More mature. Gathering up the season’s harvest, the soul’s insights, the whispers of our sisters.

Something is afoot. Join us for this new step on the journey.

Circling Up – February 29th in Boulder →

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