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In the wake of yet another brutal murder of an innocent Black man, we pause to honor the beloved and brilliant Black men in our Golden Bridge global community.

We speak your names in respect. In life. In gratitude for your endless streams of creative power pouring forth onto our dance floors, your noble hearts loving us all so fiercely, your mighty minds quickening our thinking, your souls inspiring the world. Your every breath is precious and a gift. We stand with you.

In devotion, I share these soul qualities.
You are these and so much more.

Elder Paul Hill. Guardian of the Generations. Teacher of Truth.
Ramon Gabrielloff-Parish. Magical Alchemist.
Vusi Makanya. Benevolent King.
Benson Wereje. Peace Visionary.
Chic Streetman. Healing Song Weaver.
Fanon Hill. Mystical Activist.
Frank Mugisha. Noble Artist.
Tuari Taylor. Protector of the Mother.
Michael Kemp. Divine Son.
Sadhiki Francois. Honorable Leader.
Eric Egesa. Creative Seer.
DJ Mahanga. Spirit Spark.
Fahadhi Kiryowa. Humble Friend.
Kitwana. Inspired Innovator.
Darius Simpson. Word Warrior.
Adam and Alex. Mysteries Unfolding.
Rapasa Nyatrapasa Nyatiti NyaDala. Ancestor Songmaker
Rachard Robinson. Lion Warrior.
Jahfaa A’nu Amadhi. Non Binary Shapeshifting Artist
DeAngelo Greene. Soaring Protector.
Allen Wilson. Music Minister.
EdWord Galan. Dignity Storyteller.
Jordan Bethea. Word Whisperer.
Thutuka. Elder Seer.
Shane Cockrell. Prayer Guardian.
Luke Gerzon. Golden Innovator.
Asanta. Divine Dancer.
Bekani. Guardian of the Young.
Treasure. Pure Treasure.
Loyd Baleni. Open Channel.
Dayvon Williams. Resilient Dream-maker.
Nick Byrd. Cosmic Sun.
Joseph Munyambanza. Wise Protector.

And to all those unnamed brothers, Elders, teachers, friends, we stand with you also, in respect. May we humbly walk forward in right relationship.

Movement Mass this week will honor the brave and moving work that our Black colleagues are doing in their communities around the world. All of the proceeds from this weekend’s Movement Mass will go directly to their works on the front lines.

Separate & Together.

“We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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