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Mighty Friends,

Please pause to bathe in these images.

We have taken in so many images of violence and death as of late. Deep breath. Let’s also wash our hearts with other facets of our collective story, the miraculous and hard-earned moments when love triumphs and bodies and souls find safety in the presence of one another.

Those blessed times when souls ignite through the wild creativity catalyzed by our differences and the urgent call to awaken and move to right action.

Let’s remember the love and the leadership.

The resilience and the brilliance when we come together to pray ourselves and all our relations whole.
Within Golden Bridge, we have been working for decades on the frontlines of somatics, social justice, and initiatory processes. As we find new ways to share our stories of struggle, healing, and resilience, along with pathways for meeting the potential of these times, we will be sharing tools for our collective liberation. We continue to lean in and learn together.

We remain committed to keeping our feet in the beat, on the ground, in the real life of our beloved community members around the world. This work is rigorous. And, we are blessed to be together on these front lines. Movement truly deepens and uplifts the hard conversations.

Through it all, we will continue to dance. Please watch for the Movement Mass sign-up email on Sunday mornings. It is best to register in advance. That will help you avoid showing up late to our very short weekly event. The first few minutes are always devoted to setting a very specific tone for the day’s dance. So come on time!

Thank you to all of you who are donating to support these practical needs for many; food, sanitary products, medical care, internet, and even shelter. We feel your support behind us and all around us.

In addition to moving the life force together through the dance, in the next couple of weeks, we will share more about our generations of work dedicated to dismantling oppression with both a very intimate and an expansive perspective on systems. Thank you for your patience as we all deepen our learning and expand our loving.

This is the time love warriors.

Kneeling ~
In respect.

P.S. Please keep studying friends!

(All photos from Golden Bridge programs & performances)

“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”

~ Cornel West

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