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Dear beloved Community of Dancers,

What a moving summer!

Young people gathered, dancing from enormous struggle and loss to inspired service. During the chaos of the recent war, many came from the Middle East. They unwound shock, listened to one another’s different perspectives, creating waves of peace right here on our dance floor. Body – centered leaders from near and far then gathered, together studying and incorporating our tools of body, heart, and soul to address the many challenges of our times. Processes for healing and initiation were concretely developed to serve children living in war zones on our city streets, for girls who have begun the long journey back from prostitution, for boys lost in the labyrinth of pornography, for young people tragically facing terminal illnesses, and for youth aiming to work together from many diverse backgrounds. Humbled by the suffering of our world’s children, we were also inspired by the capacities that we collectively have to find solutions.

I am now sitting at the United Nations having just completed my keynote talk for hundreds of young leaders from over 40 nations. I am so honored and delighted to bring the subject of the body to the next generation of world change makers. I am relieved that doors are opening for this conversation. How can we do our internal repair work and turn on to our vast intelligence right here and now in these bodies? This conversation is now ignited at a whole new level. I had the entire youth assembly up and moving. And, I am so moved by the collective understanding that these young people have for cultural issues and special needs of the diverse peoples of the world as they begin to consider these strategies, and many more, for becoming the leaders the world needs. I remain dedicated to deepening in this conversation.

On that note, please join Matthew Fox and I for a very special evening in Boulder this Saturday night, August 16th. The detailed flyer is below. It will be a gift to work with Matthew who is one of the great Mystics of our times, a friend of the creative pulse and an ally for youth and all of humanity. His work inspires and his spirit uplifts. It will be an evening of weaving together two very kindred worlds in a new and innovative way. Matthew and I will be joined by some of our local youth leaders sharing their creativity and perspectives.

As the wheel turns, I want to thank you dear community for all the ways that you have assisted our mythic summer of body-centered study and transformation. We are so grateful for the ways that you show up on the dance floor, as elders in service to our youth, through your offerings of homes for our out of town guests, through your donations, meals, your special outings with youth, and so many more small and large gestures. It is a joy to be in creative community together.

As Patrick Sciarratta says: “Service to others is the rent we pay for our existence on earth.”

So let’s make every day a service …. moving prayers in action!

With great love and respect.

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