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Out of our minds.

Into our hearts.

Befriending that fear. Mobilizing through the outrage. Allowing the grief. Remembering the joy. Embodying the empathy. Channeling the love.

We will not be silenced in our silos.

Wild ones, let’s sound the call, speak the truths, unite our voices. Let’s honor, explore, and express our heart’s vast energies. Let’s open together and deepen our loving presence through this threshold.

Last night, the birds sang on the top of their lungs after two feet of snow blanketed these Rocky Mountains. These winged ones guide the way. When Spring seems to be lost, they remind us to sing louder and together!!!

Sunday’s Movement Mass will be devoted to liberating the raw and real wisdom stirring in our hearts. We will sound our call.

Together, we will cultivate our ground of being along with liberating our hearts truths. From there, we will find ourselves in our right minds.

See you there. Sunday, April 19th, 2020, 11am MST.

In the dance.

“No words. Acts.”

~ The Mother

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