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Yours. Mine. Ours.

Who knew that the entire planet would be invited to this season’s holy of holies. Be it Easter or Passover, Springtime or Autumn, these times of pause call us to remember the potential that is always available.

Potential for breakdown. Potential for breakthrough. Potential for madness. Potential for miracles. Potential for conflict and chaos. Potential for collaboration and peace.

We do not know what will be born of this worldwide initiation. We do know that we are being tested in ways we could not have imagined. Our weakest links are being revealed; individually, interpersonally, collectively. Our greatest potential for collaboration is being mandated. All of our lives depend on this.

Over the holiday weekend, people will go to the temple to pray, to the Mass to pray, to the Earth to pray, to the mosque to pray, to the mountain top to pray, to the desert to pray. And hopefully, none of us will leave home to do this. We will be called to find these sacred sites within; the Beloved thriving in our bones, the resurrection in our ribs, the Divine’s love in our lungs, miracles in our muscles, Grace in our gait, holy communion in the reunification of Spirit and flesh. Our souls will come online. Our call for justice sounded. Our fears will be embraced by the spirit of love that we cultivate together, despite and because of it all.

Join us this Sunday in the temple. Movement Mass.

We will be moving together to pass through this treacherous time with fierce dedication to the truths longing to be liberated.

We will be moving together to release that which we do not need, moving away from the disease of greed into the glory of our shared bounty.

We will be moving together to pass through the pain, opening to the potential of healing.

Uniting our healthy breaths, let’s pray for the vast potential of you, me, and we. This life-giving energy longs to be accessed, harnessed, and released through each one of us with every blessed breath and right out into the world.

The link to Movement Mass will be sent once again via email. ZOOM in with us at 11am MST, Sunday, April 12th, 2020.

I’ll see you in the temple!

Only love.

“Remember that no one is born a change-maker. It’s something you become when you see a problem, then dare to become part of the solution.”

— Melinda Gates

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