Dear Moving Community,

We meet again.

This week we have a few small changes to Movement Mass and some life-giving stories to share.

As the daily news grows heavier, the golden stars that we each are shine ever more brightly. Years of disciplined inner work has prepared us for this time. We get to see what we are made of, our tenderness and our tenacity.

Check out what Vusi has created to help educate his community about handwashing in Durban, South Africa!

Pure innovation and beauty. Utilizing the arts for education is so powerful. Thank you Vusi for modeling how to meet this challenge with creative, humble leadership.

This time is rigorous and rugged. We know that all true rites of passage are. Riding the waves from shock to right-action is also an art. Our work together over decades has prepared us for this time of back to back initiatory ordeals. Not only is it key how we navigate through the wild rides of our own nervous systems, our shifting emotions, and our busy minds, but how we work with one another is obviously essential.

This week, we have seen the devotion of humanity in action in profoundly inspired and unprecedented ways.

In my little world, some loving friends invited my daughter into their safe space. Their generosity of spirit will never be forgotten. My mama heart can beat a bit more calmly now. And, my daughter is being held by people who have never met her before.

This is what is required. Helping one another when we can, however we can.

You all have done this too. This week, we were able to send financial support to numerous young leaders around the world as they now hunker down for their time-out-of-time. Because of the resources generated during Movement Mass, we were able to rapidly get funds to folks for basic supplies of dried beans and rice, veggies, water, cleaning supplies, and internet access. Access to the internet is key. People need to be able to reach each other

We all know how important contact is. How many calls and Zoom dates have you had this week?

This past week, we also honored my elder daughter’s 35th birthday during a Zoom call with friends and family from around the world. A moment of celebration with people ages 2 to 95 years. This gathering was such a relief, profoundly life-giving during this time when so much screen time is focused on numbers of deaths. We celebrated life. Some folks had not seen each other since childhood. Some people may never see each other again. We all know that now. Nothing is to be taken for granted.

Please know that we do not take your funds for granted.

Last weekend we raised double the funds from the week before, a humble amount but one that allows us to help our community get grounded for the next few weeks! Thank you, dear community. We will need to keep doing this so that we can reach more of those in need and continue to do so during these turbulent financial times.

We know that everyone is being impacted financially, so please keep showing up to dance deeply with us regardless of your financial offering. We are devoted to keeping the beat together.

Let’s move to unwind the traumas, open the creative channels, and access the collective intelligence needed in these times.

This Sunday, we will meet on Zoom again for our weekly Movement Mass.

We have made a slight change to our sign-up process. We will share the Zoom link via email only. An email will arrive in your inbox via our listserve. Your email will arrive on Sunday morning at 10:30am in time for you to set-up your space, make your donation, get your water, etc. before Movement Mass Online at 11am. If you are already receiving our emails, you are on our list, and your link will be sent automatically. (Check your spam folder if you don’t see it.)

For many reasons, we will only be offering access to the event during Movement Mass. We look forward to having you join us LIVE via Zoom, ideally with your videos on, where we can feel the loving connections that we are so used to exchanging in person. The first three online dances will stay up and available via our YouTube Movement Mass Playlist.)

If you want to invite your friends and family to dance with us each Sunday, please simply send them to our Online Movement Mass page. They can sign up there. They will then be included in our email group that will receive the link to dance on Sundays. Simple. One time sign up, and they are in.

Above all, wherever you are, please stay safe. And, let’s keep moving, moving through the many layers of this epic turning, one conscious, loving step at a time.


“Covid-19 is like a rehab intervention that breaks the addictive hold of normality. To interrupt a habit is to make it visible; it is to turn it from a compulsion to a choice. When the crisis subsides, we might have occasion to ask whether we want to return to normal, or whether there might be something we’ve seen during this break in the routines that we want to bring into the future.”

— Charles Eisenstein

Full article, very potent and important:

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