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Dear Moving Community,

With heaviness in our hearts, fire in our bellies, and focus on the essential work at this time of challenge, we are being called to courageously channel every breath, every dollar, every creative deed to creating a more just, equitable, inclusive, and safe world.

Together we listen, we learn, we mobilize, and we pray as we push up our sleeves to meet this rugged time of initiation. Our work together continues to orient towards the potentials available at this turning point. We respectfully remember that we were made for these times, with the clear understanding that no one should ever have to face the oppressive realities that marginalized people around the world live with every day, realities that far too many of us are just waking up to see and feel.

This collective waking up is initiatory and mandatory.

“The plea is simple – look at it.”
~ James Baldwin

Together we aim to see what is really going on and has been for WAY too long.

As we navigate our way through this global rite of passage, we recognize that the threshold ordeal is unfolding in the spaces between us. Doing the daily work of seeing what is so, in order to move towards healing, reconciliation, and reparations is critical to the sustainability of all life.

Every step counts.

Below are some of the small steps we can be taking as we open our eyes, our hearts, our minds, and our hands in this critically transformational time.

  • Protesting safely. Remember that we are still in the COVID pandemic. Masks do help.
  • Working to change policy at every level where systemic oppression exists, which is at every level. (Ideologically, institutionally, interpersonally, and internally: See Youth On Fire: pp. 268-271.)
  • Learning about one another’s socio-cultural locations. Humbly opening to our blind spots.
  • Recognizing how our privileges impact the oppressive realities of our beloved community members near and far is an ongoing responsibility.
  • Creating safe spaces for the essential work of repair to unfold between us is also key. Lean into the hard conversations, every day.
  • Communicating our genuine sorrow for the ways we have hurt and dishonored the people of color in our lives. Moving beyond words into action.
  • Sharing resources generously and consistently is also essential. This includes respectfully paying people of color for their expertise and time.
  • Redistributing our resources is essential so that others can simply eat, get on-line, have access to clean water, medical care, meaningful work, well-being at every level.
  • Providing access to opportunities for learning and leading to the endless number of under-resourced people in our lives.
  • Moving the energy within to mobilize effectively without.
  • Humbly sitting in the seat of student every step of the way, as the Way.

We may know this. But this is not only the work of now. This is the work of every day, every day that we are blessed with more breath, essentially, for the rest of our lives.

In solidarity and love, we begin to share some of the principles and practices that the Golden Bridge community has been dancing with as a diverse community for decades. We hope that this will help to inspire our collective call to action. Each week, we will share different resources.

? Our Golden Bridge Social Justice Bibliography developed over years, including books, films, and critical organizations doing the work on the social justice front lines.

Recently received, powerful resources sent by Elder Paul Hill.

Race Forward is one of the great teaching organizations. They are offering online trainings on racial justice.

Golden Bridge’s ever-evolving Social Justice community statement.

This Sunday during Movement Mass, we will dance to unwind the traumas living in our bodies while continuing to liberate the creative courage to take action NOW and for the long haul. We will create a moving space for the exploration and expression of our anger, our grief, and our ever-deepening love. We honor life by deepening into our vulnerability and power through every blessed breath.

Please know that your tax-deductible donations, including your sliding scale Movement Mass contributions, are all supporting people of color in our global community including: six individuals together serving thousands of diverse young people; the work in three community centers serving children and Elders; educational trainings and degree programs for 12+ emerging leaders; a number of families moving into entrepreneurship; and medical care for some of our soul friends around the world. You likely have danced with most of these beloved beings.

We are supporting our colleagues’ basic needs during this crisis so that these leaders can reorient their daily work in order to do the soul work they came to do, moving out of COVID vulnerable factories into the actualization of their visions serving the world. Your financial support is greatly appreciated and needed.

You know these people. We are family.


Golden Bridge is dedicated to our collective renewal through the liberation of the creative life force. How we use our language, our money, our time, all of our resources are reflections of how we embody this strong intention to be a just and inclusive community.

Thank you for reading, donating, and above all finding the ways that you are guided to help build golden bridges of justice, equity, inclusion, and peace.

Let’s keep mobilizing!


(Banner Photo: Golden Bridge, South Africa Dancing)

“It is not upon you to finish the work.
Neither are you free to desist from it.”

~ Rabbi Tarfon

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