Wake Up Praying!

Before we open our eyes each blessed day. Before we start the to do list. Before we look in the eyes of our beloved or drink in the golden rays of the sun rising. Before we look at our cell phones, OMG. Before we jump out of bed to tend to children or work responsibilities. Let us PRAY.

This is a time to wake up praying.

Dear G-d, help us heed your call to action, waking up in the face of so much disaster and disconnection.

Gracious Spirit, show us the way. Help each of us become the way.

Pray on the toilet, in the trenches, on the subway, while cooking eggs, while rushing out the door, while trembling in terror, while talking to a recording on the other end of the phone. Pray for the miraculous.

Why not make it all a prayer!

Goddex, please keep a close eye on the little children crying through the night hungry and far away from home. Lord, guide us to take action in ways that keeps the earth’s breath alive. Mother, help us find our faith. Father, protect this boy becoming man as he transforms the disease in his body.

Awaken, letting every breath be a prayer.

2019 has sure been a WAKE UP CALL. So for our last Movement Mass of the year, let’s digest and reset, preparing the way by praying together with every blessed breath.

An offering. An invocation. A way of being.

Mobilize friends. It is time to WAKE UP PRAYING.

I’ll see you on the dance floor for our last Golden Bridge dance of 2019!

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