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Melissa created this film short in 2018 sharing her healing journey through ovarian cancer. In these 11 minutes, she takes her audience into the painful and powerful transformative experience she had and how she used the arts to amplify her resilience.

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Beyond diagnosis and statistics,
There is a life force longing to be triumphant.
We focus our gaze on that current,
And allow grace and the tenacity of our beings to keep orienting us towards life.
We tend a fire within that is far more powerful than the burn of chemotherapy
One that is warmed by the love of community and family.
Your prayers do matter.
We ignite one another’s resilience.
We do not let our minds wander.
We are far too aware that there are women around the world that have no access to healthcare of any kind
We cherish every day while we continue to get our affairs in order.
We do not waste our time.
We simply keep dancing!

~ A poem by Melissa Michaels

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