5 Core Completion Assignments

Please review the detailed questions/prompts below. Please take this seriously. Have fun. Bring your creativity, your unique ways, your humor, your innovation, your deep soulfulness.

We will not be able to move you towards completion without these basic stepping stones in place. And there is no need to stress. Please know that if you do not complete these the first time through, there will be feedback, suggestions, and support to help you solidly complete these assignments.

If English is not your first language, you are welcome to send these assignments to us in your first language. And, if writing is truly difficult for you, we will welcome your responses in another modality, for example, audio.

Your assignments will be reviewed by a team including Melissa, Sarita, Abigail, Dorcus, Ramon, Hannah and Meagan. We will process your assignments in the 4-6 weeks following each submission deadline. You can submit your assignments at any point, but please submit all assignments before the deadline you have chosen.

Completion deadlines available:

  • July 15th, 2021 ~ Prior to our Online Gathering July 17th & 18th, 2021 (Option 1)
  • December 20th, 2021 ~ Solstice (Option 1 and 2)
  • March 20th, 2022: ~ Equinox (Option 1 and 2)

Step 1: Review Your Competencies

Please submit an updated version of your SomaSource Competencies Self-Evaluation. Feel free to reference the Self-Evaluation you completed at the beginning of the training. We do not expect that you will have checked off every single box. But, we do want to hear where you are hoping to grow and learn, along with any plans you have for filling in those gaps.

[We know that the books on the reading lists can be difficult to come by for some folks. We also understand that some of you do not read in English. A working understanding of the key themes is what is most essential.] 

→ Submit a SomaSource Competencies Self-Evaluation with reflection questions.

Step 2: Record your Dance

Send us a 5-minute video of yourself dancing. Your dance. Any form. Find a way to incorporate all of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® in there. Above all, allow your own original moving vocabulary to be expressed, a personal process, a choreography, a full wave.

→ Submit a recording of your dance to Abigail via WhatsApp (814-881-1766).

Step 3: SomaSource 7 Cycles Presentation

Prepare a presentation, in writing, art, or video-sharing how each of the SomaSource 7 Cycles infuses into your life and work. The purpose of this is to underscore the importance of each SomaSource Leader having a working understanding of this map.

For example, if you lead groups, how do you use each Cycle to inform your curriculum? Another example would be if you find yourself activated, how do you use the STOP map to help you move from reaction into liberation?

Please move through each of the 7 SomaSource Cycles and provide specific examples of how you are weaving our work into your living, learning, and leading. There is no right or wrong here, just a deeply digested understanding of our work that infiltrates into your inner and outer lives. Your presentation can take the form that best supports your learning and expression ~ via writing, video, or other art projects.

→ Please submit your presentation in one of the following ways:

    • Email office@goldenbridge.org with your name and SomaSource 7 Cycles Presentation in the Subject Line, OR
    • Send a video to Abigail via WhatsApp (814-881-1766)

Contact us if you need additional ways to share your presentation.

Step 4: SomaSource Reflection

Below are a series of topics/questions that are foundational to our shared work. Please take some time to write about each. Please submit no less than ½ page and no more than two pages/question. Again, there are no right or wrong answers. It is important that you have your own understanding of this material as you go out to the world in leadership. You are welcome to use your first language. (If you need to be interviewed for this, due to your concern about your writing, please ask. We got you.)

  • Why embody?
  • What is the relationship between rites of passage and your life, your ancestry, your personal development, and your work in the world?
  • What is your field of expertise, your growing edge, your intentions for ongoing study in the vast realm of somatics and embodiment?
  • Social Justice and the body! Please write about the connection between these two roots of our work. Personally and for diverse bodies.
  • What does being a leader mean to you? What are your values? How are you working with your shadow? How would you describe your leadership style?

Email office@goldenbridge.org with Your Name + “SomaSource Reflection Questions” in the Subject

Step 5: Ethics and Continuing Education

In order to become and remain a certified SomaSource leader, it is important both that you have a strong ethical orientation in your work and that you are able to agree to a set of ethics laid out for SomaSource leaders.

Please complete the three steps below:

A. Review the SomaSource Leader Ethical agreement and Sign the SomaSource Ethics Agreement Electronically.

B. Complete the Ethics Reflection below:

We understand that we work in diverse spaces around the world. From your location, does this make sense to you? Please highlight and note any questions or comments you have about the standing policy. In a paragraph, please share your own personal ethics. Additionally, please write about a dilemma you have faced along the way and how you handled it.

Although not important to tell us, please consider who are the people that support you legally, energetically, practically when you are wrestling with complex interpersonal dynamics. We all need a clear support circle. Threshold work should never be done alone.

Please write at least one paragraph. You can include that writing with your Continuing Education Reflection below.

C. Consider your ongoing Continuing Education Plans

We would like to stay connected and current in the years to come. There is good work to do together. We are putting together a working circle who will be responsible for the articulation of what kinds of ongoing education and interaction would be ideal for the well-being of each of us and our collective. Please plan to stay current with not only what is happening in the Golden Bridge space but with what is relevant to your chosen discipline. Please a write one-paragraph reflection on your personal relationship to Continuing Education. What are your commitments to yourself and to your work in terms of continuing education? Do you have an external accountability system or do you need to create your own? Are you willing to continue engaging with your SomaSource colleagues in ongoing continuing education efforts? Please share with us in a short piece of writing.

Of course, a life-long inquiry into the ever-expanding consciousness of the body and the essential process of waking up and getting to work on the frontiers of social and environmental justice is foundational to all of our work. Let’s keep dancing.

Sign your Ethics Agreement Electronically and Send your reflections via an Email to office@goldenbridge.org with Your Name + Ethics and Continuing Education in the Subject.

Regardless of where you are in this closure process, every one of you who aims to become a SomaSource Life Cycle Practitioner will be required to get on the dance floor with us to enact the life cycle work in person in 2022. This work is foundational and seminal, critical for anyone who has a history and for anyone working with people somewhere along life’s cycles.

Please reach out to the Golden Bridge office with any questions or concerns. We will get your private emails to the right person to respond. We are with you on this journey.

A Review of the 5 Core Completion Assignments:

→ *Remember to include your name and the name of the assignment in your email submissions.*

Completion deadlines available:

  • July 15th, 2021 ~ Prior to our Online Gathering July 17th & 18th, 2021 (Option 1)
  • December 20th, 2021 ~ Solstice (Option 1 and 2)
  • March 20th, 2022 ~ Equinox (Option 1 and 2)

Overview of the 5 Core Completion Assignments:

  1. SomaSource Competenties Self-Eval
  2. 5-Min Recording of your Dance
  3. SomaSource 7 Cycles Presentation
  4. Reflection Questions
  5. Ethics and Continuing Education

Remember to include your name and the name of the assignment in the subject line of your email submissions.

We will process your assignments in the 4-6 weeks following the deadline. Please submit all of your assignments by the deadline you have chosen. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Completion deadlines available:

  • July 15th, 2021 ~ Prior to our Online Gathering July 17th & 18th, 2021 (Option 1)
  • December 20th, 2021 ~ Solstice (Option 1 and 2)
  • March 20th, 2022: ~ Equinox (Option 1 and 2)
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