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SomaSource Training Outline and Overview

September 2020 – June 2021

SomaSource Training Outline and Overview

Registration Information

We have designed the coming year of SomaSource with some all-inclusive components to make registration and budgeting simple for our community. We have proposed a monthly subscription, with payment options for 10 months (September 2020 – June 2021). This will cover all of the described programming from late September 2020 – mid-July, 2021. We are asking for $30/month contribution. We are also making available a $25/month scholarship option and a $35/month option for those of you who are able to support the scholarship of your colleagues.

Each option covers the SomaSource 2020/2021 academic year: late September 2020 through mid-July 2021.

SomaSource membership for the coming year will include:

(Prices are listed below, however, the monthly contribution is all-inclusive.)

  • 2020/2021 Social Justice Series (Approx. 4 classes/ 4 caucus spaces) ($175-$225)
  • Community Movement Events: Half-days – December, 2020 and March, 2021 ($30-40 each x2)
  • Small group Mentorship Sessions with Melissa. Offered monthly in 2020, first-come, first-serve. See below. ($25/ session)
  • Family Group Gatherings/Community Meetings along the way.
  • Occasional, need-based individual mentorship and support for projects from GB team.

    *Additional/optional programming may be offered this year at a separate cost (Ex. New Year’s Dance, and other courses accessible to the public)

Monthly Contribution Pricing Structure:

Payment plan will run for 10 months ~ September 2020 through June 2021

  • $25/month ~ Scholarship Contribution
  • $30/month ~ Standard Contribution
  • $35/month ~ Standard Contribution + $5/month towards SomaSource Scholarship Fund
Optional add-on:
  • Movement Mass ~ $25/month for access to Movement Mass Online. It is a blessing when we all get to move together!

*Additional/optional programming may be offered this year at a separate cost.

Follow this link to Register for SomaSource 2020/2021 and for the Online Movement Mass Add-On by September 30th.

SomaSource Cohort 2 Contact Information and Family Group Information Sheet

You can find your partner and family group contact information using this SomaSource Cohort 2 Contact Information sheet.

Please read the Family Groups Instructions and Tips* document for support in making the best of your Family Group opportunity this year. (*This document will be posted in early October)


Mentorship with Melissa

Melissa will be offering intimate meetings on a monthly basis for people who are incorporating the SomaSource tools of transformation in their work out in the world. Each session will offer a practical teaching from Melissa about how to bring this work into different settings. Additionally, abundant time will be available to the fielding of critical questions about how the work works. Bring your questions about anything, from ethics, to logistics, to tracking people, to tending to yourself. Your real life questions are likely relevant to all. Each session will be limited to 15 people on a first come, first serve basis. Participation is included in your monthly SomaSource contribution.

To see available dates and sign up, follow this link: Sign-up for Mentorship Sessions with Melissa



Anticipated schedule for Summer 2021

  • July 9 – 10: Pure Dance (Encouraged)
  • July 11 – 17: Life Cycles and Graduation (Required)
  • July 19 – 25: SomaSource in the World Public Event and Community Week (Optional)
  • July 26 – 30: Surfing the Creative (Optional unless you need to complete your participation in this process)

More details about Summer 2021 to come!


Catching up on any SomaSource missing material

As a reminder, we invite you to review the SomaSource Training Requirements and Competencies throughout the year and use them to guide your own process.

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