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LifeCycle Practitioners Training

For seasoned somatic students and practitioners


SomaSource® LifeCycle Practitioners are psycho-spiritual educators, artists, activists, and healers who have an integrated understanding of how to creatively work in developmentally attuned ways with diverse people throughout life’s cycles. They are initiated adults who embody what they teach, offering transformative learning opportunities, through the arts of body, heart, and soul,  for people in different stages of human development. Each practitioner is also adept at tracking the relationship between the body and the Spirit, creating culturally sensitive experiences that inspire individuals to feel at home within themselves along with feeling a part of the Cosmos, the Mystical. Most SomaSource practitioners came of age through the rites of passage work of Surfing The Creative developed by Dr. Melissa Michaels. Deeply informed by this soulful movement-based work, they are now in the world creating innovative and initiatory body-centered programs for others.

Overview of SomaSource Training

The SomaSource training track is a path for emerging leaders in the Golden Bridge community seeking to formalize their affiliation with Dr. Melissa Michaels and Golden Bridge. Through this path, student-leaders will develop competencies efficiently and coherently in order to digest, alchemize, and integrate SomaSource practices and principles into their unique offerings in the fields of leadership, teaching, healing, activism, and/or creative ministry.

This path also offers a way to build a professional alliance with the Golden Bridge community, honor our shared lineage, and build a potent and beloved base of kindred practitioners. Golden Bridge has developed this curriculum to further empower emerging leaders to use the tools of transformation experienced on our dance floors with integrity, clarity, consciousness, and efficacy.

Those who complete the SomaSource training track will be certified as SomaSource Life Cycle Practitioners.

In 2018, the first official cohort of SomaSource Life Cycle Practitioners completed the training path. They are each actively working with these tools of transformation in their communities in a variety of innovative ways. Their inspiring bios will be posted on the Golden Bridge website soon. Each of these leaders have completed the set of competencies that make them now SomaSource certified.

In the past, our training process was somewhat slow and organic. Starting in 2019, the training will become more clear and streamlined. To complete the 2019-2020 SomaSource Life Cycles Practitioners Training, students will need to have completed the following by the summer of 2020:

  • STC: Two Surfing The Creative Programs, or comparable programs with Melissa
  • Gender Work: One Gender weekend Journey (or longer) with Golden Bridge (Ex. Shakti Sisterhood, Women’s Blossom Project, Divine Siblinghood, Benevolent Brotherhood, or comparable programs)
  • Depth Work: Dance of Adolescence, Youth On Fire, Ground of Being, Breath of Intimacy or at least one other relevant depth work with Melissa
  • Foundations Work: SomaSource Online Foundation Course (Recordings will be accessible Nov 1 – Dec 31, 2019)
  • Social Justice Series: Online courses applying social justice theory and framework to SomaSource principals (Jan-June 2020)
  • SomaSource Leadership Courses: Embodied Leadership, Anatomy, Music, Ritual, Ethics, Shadow Work, and Social Entrepreneurship (Jan-June 2020)
  • Project: Project development or personal reflection on SomaSource as it applies to your work (February 2019 – August 2020)
  • 10-day Required Completion: Life Cycle Workshop + Practitioner’s Closing Process & Graduation (July 2020)
  • Mentoring Work: As needed, additional direct mentoring work with Melissa and the Golden Bridge team (through December 2020)

The SomaSource Competencies can be used a guide to understand the content of the material covered in the training. The Competencies Self-Evaluation is required for all practitioners.

The group of students that choose this training path will become the second cohort of SomaSource Practitioners and will be scheduled to graduate in the Summer of 2020.

If you are interested in this training path and have questions, please contact us. Email Sarita at with questions about the curriculum, the training path, and how your previous Golden Bridge work can apply. Together, you can consider if this is the right path forward for you.

Maren, Melissa, and Sarita will work with you to specifically clarify the steps you need to take to complete this training, understanding that each of you have very different experiences with Golden Bridge and beyond that must be considered.

We look forward to hearing from you and even more, we look forward to working with you over the coming years.

Together, step by step, we can create a movement of consciousness and love to help grow golden bridges of peace. Let’s do this!


Total Training: $1200

$300-450 – Online courses: SomaSource Foundations 2019 ($150) and SomaSource Leadership + Social Justice Series 2020 ($150-300 sliding scale)
$900 – 10-day Required Completion: Life Cycle Workshop + Practitioner’s Closing Process & Graduation (July 2020)

Each student will receive project and personal mentoring at no additional charges during this training process. Each person is guaranteed one private session with Melissa along with ongoing support from the Golden Bridge leadership teams, as available.

Thank you.

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