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Over the past 30+ years, we have been blessed to be cared for by many guest teachers, Elders, and guardians. The list of people who have grown us, honored, and blessed us is long and robust. Although many people are missing in this list, these are some of the people who have supported us consistently through all of these decades of becoming and/or who are currently active in our leadership community.

We bow in profound gratitude to all of our allies, seen and unseen. Thank you. Without your faith in our work and love of our community, we would be more vulnerable and unactualized.

Our love and eternal gratitude to each of you.

  • Grandpa Sam
  • Paul Hill
  • Mark Gerzon
  • Rachel Walton
  • Samuel Avital
  • Sue Lane
  • Julie Dolin
  • Kat Shea
  • Jeffrey Dann
  • Martha Maloney
  • Jackie Massey
  • Suzanna Gebremariam
  • Louis Lopez
  • Navasha Daya
  • Tom Daly
  • Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish
  • Tamara Sell
  • Jeffrey Duvall
  • Dara Burwell
  • Karen and Ron Aarons
  • Christopher Sassanno
  • Avani Dilger
  • Deb Witzel
  • Michael Herrick
  • Annie Brooke
  • Chic Streetman
  • Jim Horton
  • Alessandra Belloni
  • Katharine and Makasha Roske
  • Scott Garen
  • Meagan Eggers
  • Gayan Long
  • Jude Blitz
  • Namita Khannan
  • David and Lila Tresemer
  • Tom Hast
  • Omar Zubeidi
  • Sage Hamilton
  • David Blumenkrantz
  • Michael Moore
  • Mary McHenry
  • Winifred Harris
  • Rahima Baldwin
  • Celia Macedo
  • Annie Brooke
  • Melody Conway
  • Burt Gershater
  • Isabelle Tierney
  • Anna Halprin
  • Jennifer Dosset
  • Keith and Lorraine Fairmont
  • Don Trent Jacobs
  • Shawn Ginwright
  • Aurelio
  • Shelly Miller
  • David Blumenkrantz
  • Marci Marshand
  • CJ Lawrence
  • David Pasicov
  • Matthew Fox

Friends of Spirit

We honor our beloved allies who have passed on, but who still guide our work from the spirit world.

We welcome our beloved friends of Spirit whose devoted presences are powerfully felt as we deepen our work in this world. Our dance community is uniquely endowed with many dear friends who began dancing with us in this world and now, they dance with us from That world. Since the year 2000, dozens of individuals who were intricately woven into our community’s fabric have died. Although their bodies and hearts are not with us, their unbound spirits clearly are near. We have been opened to the majesty of death.

In our moving community, we consider that perhaps we are actually blessed to have met death so fully over the past decade. We have been invited to befriend our greatest fear, death. This opens up the potential to live life with greater freedom and fullness. Simultaneously, we are richly endowed with the Spirit of these beings watching over us. Through the dance, we awaken our capacities to literally feel the presence of our Friends of Spirit guiding, gifting, and guarding us from across the threshold.

Although we cannot see you, often we feel you. Of course, we miss you dearly. And, we aim to carry your legacies forward. May we do the work in this world that you so clearly inspire from That world.

As above, so below.

We are profoundly blessed to be wrapped in this field of love streaming forth from these souls across the threshold.

May we dance closely with you as we bring your light into form in these darkening times.

. . .

(Please read more about the profound souls who guide us from the spirit world on our Friends of Spirit page)

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