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Work with Melissa

Working closely with Friends, seen and unseen, Melissa’s leadership dances along the emergent frontiers of somatics, creative expression, human development, leadership, liberation, and love. She brings her deep understanding of individual and group dynamics to diverse communities in the midst of healing and change.

Soul-to-Soul: Melissa offers private mentoring sessions for individuals seeking to navigate through life’s many passages. She is able to track and tend the unique development of individuals, guiding them towards an ever more authentic expression of their integrated selves, their unique souls in action. Her work can focus on serving individuals wanting to deepen their somatic practices and prowess.

Community Ceremonies: Melissa loves to guide people through the rich and sometimes narrow passageways of life. Working collaboratively with those who gather to help community kin through change, Melissa supports life transitions of all kinds. These include: Baby Blessing’s and beginning of life family transition ceremonies. Coming of Age Ceremonies. Twice Born Rites of Passage. Commitment Celebrations. Life Crisis integration Ceremonies. End of Life Honoring … And many unique mysterious, maddening, and mystical life transitions in between.

Workshops/Talks: Melissa has offered workshops throughout the world and given talks at the local community level, online, nationally, and at the U.N. She is available to bring her integrative perspectives, wit, years of somatic global work, and her dynamic presence to your community.

Of course, you can also work with Melissa during Movement Mass and other programs offered through Golden Bridge, Thresholds, and Golden Girls Global.

Financial Exchange and Scheduling

When working with individuals and in ceremony, Melissa works on a generous sliding scale. The current model invites individuals to pay directly to Golden Bridge for their work with Melissa as a mentor, teacher, or ceremonialist.

Soul-to-Soul Mentorship (average fees); $155/session

Pricing for workshops and talks are collaboratively designed by Melissa and partnering/hosting communities, based on the client body served, price of workshops etc. Generally, costs and revenue will be shared based on a mutually agreeable percentage.

We invite individuals to contribute an amount that feels in integrity with themselves based on their relative global economic privilege and in exchange for the relative hours and value of the work provided by Melissa.

Please contact with requests for speaking engagements, community transformational experiences, and to schedule individual mentoring.

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