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Social Justice Advisory


We are the Golden Bridge Social Justice Advisory. We are a counsel of embodied educators and healers committed, passionate, and experienced in tending to social and environmental justice within our places of study, work, worship, and movement. As an intersectional team of trainers, therapists, activists, and dancers, we offer our support and reflections to each of the circles of governance within the Golden Bridge network. Our feedback is looped into Golden Bridge decision-making processes relating to everything from SomaSource training to community-wide policy and culture on and off the dance floor.

Our work of initiating embodied and empowered spiritual leaders into the world requires that we hold ourselves, the Golden Bridge organization, and our global community fiercely accountable. We commit to the work of extricating ourselves from and radically transforming the systems of historical oppression and legacies of colonization that have transfigured our differences into weapons following lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, and more. These false myths of supremacy and inferiority separate us from our bodies, our spirits, each other, and the earth. Without a life-long and soulful commitment to the deliverance of social and environmental justice, there can be no healthy initiation. Our aim, therefore, is to support the resilience of our community in dismantling these internalized and systemic oppressions from our bodies and our cultures all the while staying awake to the work of rupture and repair that is an inevitable part of co-creating and dancing in cross-cultural community.

By seeking opportunities to serve in solidarity with our Golden Bridge Elders, colleagues, kin, and mentees, the Social Justice Advisory strives to be a part of the inspiration and innovation needed in these times. We are devoted to the collective vision and re-membrance of culture as nurturing, liberatory, holistic, and just. We are committed to embodied rites of passage as a pathway toward individual and collective liberation in the midst of disempowering local and global political events and environmental crises.

The SJ Advisory meets to assess Golden Bridge’s organizational structure & decision-making processes, to directly serve those most impacted by systems of oppression, and to address feedback from participants and staff. We also offer an open council space for the SomaSource leader community three times a year.

Please use the Social Justice Feedback Form to share your comments, questions, and suggestions regarding equity, inclusion, and justice within Golden Bridge.

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